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Fort Benning to use new security technology at main gates

Jul 30, 2009

By Fort Benning Public Affairs

FORT BENNING, Ga. -- Fort Benning security guards will begin using the latest technology to scan identification cards and driver's licenses as service members and family members, Department of Army civilians, contractors and visitors enter its main gates.

Beginning Aug. 17, gate guards will use a hand-held device called the Mobilisa to check a variety of ID cards against known databases.

The Mobilisa will alert security guards of false or expired IDs, warrants, people on watch lists and more. The device will scan military common access cards, family member and retiree IDs, passports and state driver's licenses.

However, the Mobilisa hand-held device will not scan Georgia driver's licenses. If this is the only form of ID, visitors must go to one of the visitor's centers to have their license scanned while obtaining a visitor's pass.

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