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Pakistan: US is not sincere in giving aid

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, April 16, IRNA - A Pakistani cabinet minister Thursday said that the United States is not sincere in giving aid to his country and is only ‘creating disruption among the people of Pakistan’.

“We are being given peanuts on the name of aid by Americans and not real aid,” Minister for Science and Technology Azam Khan Swati said.

“If Americans are our real friends why don’t they give us that type of technology that help in our Gross Domestic Products growth and not that technology we use against our own brethren in tribal regions and Swat,” he said in a statement.

“This shows that what they want is, just creating disruption among the people of Pakistan to get control over Afghanistan by twisting the arm of Pakistan”.

The minister said Pakistan is an honorable nation and we need aid in real sense not of beggar’s alms.

“We need aid to overcome our looming energy, food and water crises but we are being given aid to purchase weapons from Americans themselves and use it in so-called war against terrorism in our own land and against our own people”.

Sawati said friendship has never been for sacrificing the interest of the friends and the question is that what type of this friendship is between America and Pakistan that one friend is always on the receiving end for nothing.

“We have lost much in this friendship and it has become more of a burden by watching the interests of our insincere friend”.

On the question of American reservations on the implementation of Islamic laws in Swat valley, Swati stated that Americans don’t want that there exist a real role model of Islamic principles in any part of the world in the twenty-first century because it would give an image that Islam is a peaceful religion and that would not be acceptable for them.

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