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26 April 2009 Military News

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Other Conflicts

  • Israel Rejects Preconditions for Talks with Syria VOA 26 Apr 2009 -- Israel's new government is offering to resume peace negotiations with Syria. But it wants to change the ground rules.
  • ISRAEL-OPT: UN survey highlights psychological trauma in Gaza IRIN 26 Apr 2009 -- The UN Inter-Agency Gender Task Force (IAGTF), a mechanism for integrating gender concerns into UN policies and programmes, on 23 April published the results of a household survey on the needs and perceptions of men and women in the aftermath of Israel’s recent 23-day military offensive in Gaza.
  • 23 more LTTE cadres surrender to security forces IRNA 26 Apr 2009 -- Even as the talks with UN Chief John Holmes is in progress in Colombo, there are confirmed reports of 23 more LTTE cadres surrendering to the Security forces at Valliagamadam .
  • Sri Lanka Rejects Tamil Tiger Ceasefire VOA 26 Apr 2009 -- Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels, on the verge of total military defeat, have declared a cease-fire. But the military immediately rejected it, saying surrender to Sri Lankan forces is the only option. The development comes as the top U.N. humanitarian official is in the country pressing for greater and immediate access to the dwindling combat zone.
  • Sri Lanka: Top UN relief official to call for release of civilians trapped in fighting UN News Centre 26 Apr 2009 -- The top United Nations humanitarian official arrived in Sri Lanka on Sunday to press for the release of tens of thousands of civilians still confined to a shrinking pocket of land on the country's north-east coast, which has been fiercely defended by separatist Tamil rebels against a Government military offensive since December.
  • 11 Darfur Rebels Get Death Penalty for Khartoum Attack VOA 26 Apr 2009 -- A Sudanese court has sentenced another 11 Darfur rebels to death for a deadly attack on the capital last year.

News Reports

  • Press Briefing On Swine Influenza, 4/26/09 The White House 26 Apr 2009 -- Ress Briefing On Swine Influenza By Secretary Napolitano, Department Of Homeland Security, John Brennan, Assistant To The President For Homeland Security And Counterterrorism, Dr. Richard Besser, Acting Director, Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, And Robert Gibbs, Press Secretary
  • CDC Media Availability on Human Swine Influenza Cases Center for Disease Control 26 Apr 2009
  • WHO updates report on Swine Influenza IRNA 26 Apr 2009 -- In response to cases of swine influenza A/H1N1, reported in Mexico and the United States of America, the Director-General convened a meeting of the Emergency Committee to assess the situation and advise her on appropriate responses.
  • GOVERNOR PATERSON ACTIVATES HEALTH EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN; PUTS STATE ON ‘HIGH ALERT’ FOR SWINE FLU Office of the Governor of New Yorkorbital 26 Apr 2009 -- Governor David A. Paterson today announced that he has activated New York State's health emergency preparedness plan, and put the State on high alert to quickly identify and respond to any cases of swine flu
  • Russia sets up commission to prevent swine flu outbreak RIA Novosti 26 Apr 2009 -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has set up a government commission to prevent the spread of swine flu in the country, the government's press secretary said on Sunday.
  • WHO, US Declare Swine Flu Emergencies VOA 26 Apr 2009 -- The World Health Organization is expressing concern about a possible swine flu pandemic as the number of confirmed cases rises in the United States and Mexico - and new cases have been reported in Canada. The Obama administration declared a public health emergency to mobilize federal and state resources to combat the infectious viral illness.
  • Ukraine Marks Chernobyl's 23rd Anniversary VOA 26 Apr 2009 -- Ukraine paid homage Sunday to the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl power plant catastrophe, the world's worst civilian nuclear accident.
  • Clinton Assures Support for Lebanon VOA 26 Apr 2009 -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made an unannounced stop in Lebanon. Clinton expressed hope that Lebanon's June parliamentary elections will be free and fair.
  • Kyrgyz Police Detain 80 After Interethnic Tensions RFE/RL 26 Apr 2009 -- The Kyrgyz Interior Ministry says about 80 people have been detained after a rally reportedly turned violent in the town of Petrovka, 45 kilometers west of the capital, Bishkek.

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