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EADS Defence & Security wins the contract for the design, production and support of the DETECBIO V1 system lot No.1 "SAMOA"

# A key system for the future Defence capability of the Nuclear Radiological Biological and Chemical (NRBC) segment of the French armed forces
# A guarantee of protection of the forces against biological threats
# A first strategic reference for EADS DS in systems for the detection and identification of biological warfare agents in the environment

10 March 2009

EADS Defence & Security was notified end of January by the DGA (Délégation Générale pour l'Armement (DGA) – the French defence procurement agency) of the contract for the production of the SAMOA (Système d’Alerte MObile Avancée – Advanced Mobile Alert System) lot of the DETECBIO V1 system. This € 35 million contract aims at providing the French Army with systems for detecting and identifying biological warfare agents in the environment, and thereby ensure the protection of the deployed forces and critical sites.

The DETECBIO system consists of a network of environmental monitoring sensors, means of identifying biological agents, and an information and supervision system that can save lives and limit the reduction in operational capacity on the deployment site in the event of a biological attack. This system has been devised with the help of partner subcontractors comprising experts in biological domains (Institut Pasteur, CEA – the French Atomic Energy Commission) and SMEs, for the supply and integration of the specialized equipment. It also relies on the professional radiocommunication technology TETRAPOL and the Imp@ct command system, both developed by EADS DS.

For the SAMOA contract, EADS shall deliver 3 projectable systems. Each system shall comprise the following:

* 20 biological alert beacons that will monitor the environmental NRBC parameters and, if a biological event is detected, trigger discrete collection of aerosols
* 4 continuous sample collecting beacons that will sample the aerosols in order to characterize the biological situation,
* an automatic identification module, consisting of a mobile technical shelter (20-foot shelter) integrating the laboratory equipment for characterizing the biological event by means of immunological and genetic techniques,
* an alert and supervision module, comprising a second mobile technical shelter incorporating the command and communication equipment and providing living space for the operators.

According to Hervé Guillou, CEO of Defence and Communications Systems, “The involvement of EADS DS in the DETECBIO system is of considerable strategic importance. This first reference will enable us to position ourselves as a spearhead player in this domain, which is identified as representing a major threat for security in the years to come. This solution is moreover going to structure the French and European industrial landscape for equipping the Defence missions of the Nuclear Radiological Biological and Chemical segment and open up export prospects in this domain on the Defence and Security markets”.
DETECBIO proposes a system approach that guarantees satisfying the performance and security requirements.

This system provides a guarantee of protection of the forces against biological threats, whether in national operations or in an international coalition. It could also be used for the protection of civilian populations when the armed forces support the action of Minister of the Interior.

Defence and Communications Systems is an integrated Business Unit of EADS Defence & Security (DS). DS is a systems solutions provider for armed forces and civil security worldwide. Its portfolio ranges from sensors and secure networks through missiles to aircraft and UAVs as well as global security, service and support solutions. In 2007, DS – with around 22,000 employees – achieved revenues of € 5.5 billion. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2007, EADS generated revenues of € 39.1 billion and employs a workforce of about 116,000.


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