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FISC Yokosuka Prepares for Navy Warehouse Transfer to DLA

Navy NewsStand

Story Number: NNS090227-27
Release Date: 2/27/2009 3:00:00 PM

By Blake Vives, Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka Public Affairs

YOKOSUKA, Japan (NNS) -- In anticipation of an upcoming Navy warehouse transfer initiative, U.S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Yokosuka is preparing for a four-week site visit from the Navy warehouse transfer team beginning July 10.

During the visit, the team will assess the various functions performed by FISC Yokosuka's Material Services Division (MSD) and determine if transfer of some functions currently performed by the MSD to Defense Distribution Depot Yokosuka, Japan (DDYJ) would be cost effective and streamline services for customers.

FISC Yokosuka MSD Director Bill Frazier expects little, if any, changes implemented as a result of the Navy warehouse transfer initiative.

"Overall, we're talking about a really small impact as far as transfer of [personnel] and materials," said Frazier. "This warehouse transfer is a second assessment of an older initiative by the Defense Logistics Agency [DLA]."

In 1999, in an effort to consolidate the physical distribution functions performed by FISC Yokosuka and DLA, DoD mandated a warehouse transfer initiative in Yokosuka called Defense Management Review Decision-902 (DRMD-902).

"The result of the 1999 initiative was the formation of DDYJ. It has been 10 years so we are again looking at those functions that should only be performed by one entity on the base," said Frazier.

FISC Yokosuka's MSD is the only division potentially affected by the Navy warehouse transfer. The functions performed by the MSD under consideration for transfer to DDYJ include accommodation storage of items for afloat commands, distribution and warehousing of materials supplied to afloat commands, transportation of hazardous materials, and management of material handling equipment such as forklifts.

The transfer of the selected services and functions to DDYJ will reduce FISC Yokosuka's core functions allowing for increased efficiency and greater concentration in other areas.

The Navy warehouse transfer initiative is the result of both the Navy and DLA carefully assessing their core capabilities in order to streamline efforts to better serve customers.

The Navy warehouse team visiting FISC Yokosuka will consist of Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS) and Defense Distribution Center (DDC) personnel with additional members appointed from FISC Yokosuka.

FISC Yokosuka is the fifth FISC to be assessed in connection with the current Navy warehouse transfer initiative. All FISC locations in CONUS have been reviewed and are individually transferring selected functions between co-located depots.

Once the onsite review in Yokosuka is complete, the selected functions will be announced for transfer to DDYJ. The transfer process is scheduled to be completed by fiscal year 2010.

U.S Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka's delivers combat capability through logistics in support of National Defense Strategies by providing around the clock logistics solutions for Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces operating in the 7th Fleet area of operations (AOR).

FISC Yokosuka, one of seven supply centers under Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers (COMFISCS), is the Western Pacific region's largest Navy logistics command. The FISC Yokosuka enterprise is comprised of more than 20 detachments, fuel terminals and sites from Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to Guam; from Misawa, Japan to Sydney, Australia.

COMFISCS comprises more than 7,500 military and civilian logistics professionals, operating as a single cohesive team, and providing global logistics services from more than 135 locations worldwide.

A component of the Naval Supply Systems Command, headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pa., COMFISCS is part of a worldwide logistics network of more than 25,000 military and civilian personnel providing "One-Touch Supply."


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