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Russia: Collective security pact, only way to ensure Persian Gulf security

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Feb 13, IRNA – A Russian deputy foreign minister said here Friday ensuring the Persian Gulf security is possible only through cooperation among regional countries, Russia and the United States.

Deputy Head of Russian Foreign Ministry’s Middle East and Africa Office, Alexander Zasypkin, announced here Friday Russia would survey collective security theory of Persian Gulf, cooperating with regional countries and Iran.

According to IRNA correspondent in Moscow, the Russian diplomat expressing his affiliated government’s opposition against the domineering of a single country’s military power in the Persian Gulf, said, “The Russian Foreign Minster Sergei Lavrov would survey the Collective Persian Gulf Security Theory during his next week visit of the Persian Gulf region countries.

Zasipking who was speaking at a press conference added, “Regional security would be achieved when instead of the domineering of a single country’s military force, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the other Persian Gulf littoral countries, Russia, and the United States would cooperate at a collective security pact there, and the entire members of the pact would enjoy equal security rights.”

The deputy head of Russian Foreign Ministry’s Middle East and Africa Office elsewhere in the press conference said that the Persian Gulf is a sensitive and important region of the world and due to the existence of energy resources is of great significance, therefore, the domineering of the United Stats in it is totally unacceptable.

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