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American Forces Press Service

Iraqi, U.S. Forces Find Bomb, Seize Weapons

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13, 2009 – Iraqi and U.S. forces foiled a bomb attack and seized stockpiles of weapons today and yesterday, military officials reported.

In southern Baghdad’s Rashid district today, Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers found a bomb in a plastic bag hung from the door handle of a shop in the district’s Hadar community. An Iraqi explosive ordnance disposal team responded to safely disarm it.

Also in the Rashid district today, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers confiscated two AK-47 assault rifles in the Saydiyah neighborhood.

In the Rashid district’s Ghartan community yesterday, Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers found 12 AK-47 assault rifles and three large machine guns.

Later that day in the Arab Jabour neighborhood, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers questioned three people in connection with a cache of four rifles, two shotguns, a pistol, two plate carriers, AK-47 assault rifle magazines, two video cameras with remote controls and tripods, and three scopes. Two of them were released after it was determined they were not involved with the cache, and the patrol transported the third suspect to a joint security station for processing.

Also yesterday, Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers found a hand grenade in the Masafee community. An Iraqi EOD team responded to handle it.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)


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