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Israel's blocking of humanitarian aid to Gaza to urge Iran to adopt different strategy -- IRGC official

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA – Islamic Republic Guard Corps (IRGC) General Mir Feisal Baqerzadeh said here Wednesday if Israel would block the path of forwarding humanitarian aides to Gaza Iran would adopt a different strategy for the purpose.

Head of the Foundation for Preservation of Sacred Defense Values added in an interview with IRNA, “If the international organizations would refrain from performing their duties towards Gaza residents and the Zionist regime too would keep on blocking the path for forwarding humanitarian aides and services for Gaza residents, Iran would adopt other strategies.”

Brigadier Baqerzadeh further reiterated in his interview with IRNA Political Desk reporter, “In accordance with one of Geneva conventions, ratified on August 12th, 1942, and the additional protocols regarding war time regulations and humanitarian aides for the war victims, armed forces, and even the enemies’ forces, the Zionist regime should permit forwarding humanitarian aides, medicine, and foodstuff, such as what is carried by a ship to Gaza.”

He added, “According to Protocol One of the aid convention, any kind of confrontation with the wounded war victims, sick people, medical teams, relief workers, service personnel, and civil defense workers is prohibited and those in need of help should be permitted to refer to the supporter forces.”

The Head of the Foundation for Preservation of Sacred Defense Values elaborating further on war time rules, said, “Meanwhile, according to Article 51 under the same protocol, not only the civilians should remain safe from direct military attacks and all necessary measures aimed at securing that objective need to be adopted.”

According to him, the least and minimum respect for such international laws to be observed regarding Gaza residents is to open the path for forwarding humanitarian aides to them, inclusive of foodstuff, medicine, garments, etc.”

Brigadier Baqerzadeh added, “Therefore, the Zionist regime’s moves and its ban for forwarding such aides for war victims are obvious cases of war crimes and the International Committee of the Red Cross should in accordance with its 1998 Letter of Association, ratified in Rome, ask for summoning the heads of the Zionist regime to the international courts of justice as war criminals.”

He said, “In addition to all those war time laws, in accordance with Appendix 2 under Article 3 of the UN Resolution 3675, ratified on December 9th, 1970, in order to support the civilians caught amid war operations, all necessary measures need to be adopted.”

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