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In the third day of the third week of the Zionist massacre in Gaza - Death toll 905

Ezedeen Alquassam Brigades - Information Office


Five Palestinians were killed in separate strikes near Gaza City and in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp on Sunday evening. Despite a so-called lull in fighting for the delivery of humanitarian aid, Zionist shelling killed two Palestinians in the Ash-Shoja'eyya neighborhood, which is east of Gaza City.

Meanwhile, two others died in the northern Gaza Strip refugee camp of Jabaliya, local sources said, adding that specifically the Al-Jurn area was hit in the deadly attack.

Those three victims were identified as Mus'ab Khader, Husein Abu Sulkltan and 15-year-old Amal A'lush. A number of others were injured. Also, Zionist warplanes shelled the home of Mohammad Dahlan in the Ar-Remal neighborhood of Gaza City. Jets also hit the home of Shadi Abu Labad in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip.

Some 30 Gazans have been killed since midnight Sunday and nearly 100 injured, apparently by newly used weaponry that set fires to both the people and buildings targeted.

Zionist entity had not previously used white phosphorous bombs during the Gaza offensive, but by Sunday residents and experts were reporting widespread damage by the weapon, which is not illegal, in the Ghuza’a and Abasan villages east of Khanyounis.

Medical sources at Nasser Hospital in Khanyounis said most of the morning’s casualties had been women and children. Medical staff appealed to international agencies for new supplies to deal with burn victims suddenly pouring into the hospital.

Earlier, Sunday dawned with six more Palestinians confirmed dead in Gaza, mainly from the Khuza’a village, which is east of Khanyounis. Zionist warplanes shifted their sights to civilian homes in southern Gaza shortly before dawn, after which strikes began in the north. Zionist ground troops continued their advance toward Gaza City, as well.

One contingent withdrew northward at dawn, while a second front southwest of Gaza City continued to move toward an abandoned Zionist settlement south of the city.

The identities of two Palestinians killed in the southern Gaza Strip during the night were revealed as 41-year-old Hanan An-Najjar and another unidentified man. At least 50 were injured as Zionist strikes hit a dozen homes in the village of Khuza’a, many of which were still ablaze through the noon on Sunday.

Also, the body of 17-year-old Usama Abu Rajileh was identified among the dead in Khanyounis. Attacks in the north began shortly, as well, when four members of the Bashir family were killed by Zionist airstrikes on the family home, which stood in the Al-Karama neighborhood, northwest of Gaza City.

The family was in the home at the time and an unknown number were injured. Witnesses said Ala Bashir “Abu Sheib,” Bashir's wife, his mother-in-law and son were all killed in the strike. Several other homes in the area were hit.

Strikes then shifted to the northern border town of Beit Lahiya, where locals reported the use of white phosphorous, which set homes ablaze. The strikes killed at least three from the Ma'rouf and Ghaban families and injured dozens more.

Witnesses said Zionist entityi troops withdrew from the As-Sudaniyah area, north of Gaza City, after a night of shooting there. Locals said several homes were raided and their residents "massacred," after which their homes were burned. Medical sources have until Sunday evening been unable to confirm the number of dead there.

Some of the known raids included the home of Ahmad Aj-Ja’bari, an Al-Qassam Brigades member, in eastern Gaza City. His home was set on fire, as well, as Zionist troops withdrew.

In the southwest quarter of Gaza City clashes were heard in the Al-Sheikh Ajlein neighborhood as Zionist troops approached the evacuated Netsarim settlement, south of the city.

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