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American Forces Press Service

Services See Strong Showing for March Recruiting

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 10, 2008 – All military services met or exceeded their recruiting goals for March, Defense Department officials reported today.

This makes the 10th straight month the services have hit their recruiting marks. All of the services have surpassed their recruiting goals for fiscal 2008 to date.

The Army brought in 101 percent of its 6,000-recruit goal for March, and the Marines finished with a two-month streak of 137 percent of its 1,632-recruit goal. The two services recruited 6,066 and 2,234 new members, respectively.

The Air Force and Navy both hit 100 percent of their respective goals of 2,093 and 2,909 recruits.

In the reserve components, the Army Reserve and Air National Guard topped recruiting efforts, with both hitting 121 percent of their goals. The Army Reserve recruited 4,304 soldiers, and the Air National Guard brought in 946 airmen. The Army National Guard and the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force reserves all made 100 percent of their recruiting goals for the month. Their numbers were 6,048 for the Army National Guard; 865 for the Navy Reserve; 553 for the Marine Corps Reserve; and 720 for the Air Force Reserve.

In active-duty retention, the Army and Marine Corps continued with strong showings this month, both exceeding their year-to-date goals.

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