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Uganda's Rebel's Disappointed in Museveni

13 September 2007

Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels say any attack on their base in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) would be an indication for them to abandon the peace talks and resume their insurgency in northern Uganda. This comes after a reported agreement between Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni and his DRC counterpart Joseph Kabila that would allow the Congolese army to flush out any rebel groups in Congo after 90 days. Under the reported deal, Kinshasa agreed to eliminate not only the LRA, but also the People’s Redemption Army, the Allied Democratic Forces and the National Liberation Army of Uganda. The two countries also reportedly agreed to review their borders and open embassies to boost diplomatic ties.

Vincent Otti is the second in command of the LRA. He tells reporter Peter Clottey he is disappointed with President Museveni.

“I’m very surprised about the agreement because I don’t know why Museveni has sent his minister for internal affairs to come to talk peace with the LRA. And Congo government also sent their representative in Juba that is for monitoring how the peace talk is going on. Even the Tanzania government sent their representative to Sudan. Now, we are just after talking peace, but not fighting. I’m very surprised about this one when I hear that Museveni and Kabila have signed an agreement that they should flush us away where we are,” Otti said.

He denied his rebels are stationed in Congo.

“We are not in Congo; we are in Sudan. I’m not afraid of any agreement, which they signed, the Uganda government and the Congo government because I’m not in Congo; I’m in Sudan, in Rikwangba. If they come and attack us in Rikwangba then we shall also fight back the attack. And that one will lead us now to go back to Uganda through war because it means then that Museveni does not want to talk peace,” he noted,

Otti accused President Museveni of having a plan to annihilate the people of northern Uganda.

“That is the way Museveni always wants to finish the northerners with their 50 years plan, this much I know because if Museveni is not about finishing the people of the north by their 50 years plan, Museveni could have taken to the peace talks only because now the peace talks have brought about peace,” Otti said.

He reiterated the LRA’s willingness to fight back if Congolese forces attack them.

“Yes, if they come to fight us I’m not going to fold my arms, I’m just going to fight back because I’m defending myself. That is why I’m saying. If they come to fight me while I’m still here talking peace, I’m going to fight until I go back to Uganda fighting… if Museveni wants to fight us then we are also ready to go back to war because it means that Museveni is not after talking peace with LRA. But Museveni is having a plan to reduce the population of the northerners. By now he knows that if he does not go back to war with the LRA his plan is not going to succeed. This is what I want the world to know,” he pointed out.

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