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Georgia to raise 2007 defense spending by $200 mln to $600 mln

RIA Novosti

29/08/2007 15:46 TBILISI, August 29 (RIA Novosti) - Georgia will increase its 2007 defense budget by $200 million to around $600 million as part of efforts to bring its Armed Forces closer to NATO standards, the prime minister said Wednesday.

After the defense budget is increased, spending on the South Caucasus country's Armed Forces will total 4-4.5% of GDP.

"We are continuing reforms of Georgian Armed Forces, to bring them closer to NATO standards. The figure of 4-4.5% is not a high indicator compared with countries that are reforming their armed forces, and have larger defense spending," Zurab Nogaideli said.

The budget amendments will be submitted to the country's parliament Wednesday.

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