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American Forces Press Service

Top Terrorist Leader Captured in Mosul

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2007 – Coalition forces in Mosul today captured a man they believe to be the most active terrorist cell leader in that area.

The man is a suspect in attacks on Iraqi and coalition forces and is believed to facilitate the movement of foreign terrorists. Forces detained five other suspects in the raid.

In other operations in Baghdad, coalition forces detained two suspects before dawn today. They are suspected members of a cell affiliated with Jaysh al-Mahdi, a terror group active in Baghdad, and believed to have ties to Iranian terrorist groups. Coalition forces confiscated AK-47 assault rifles and pistols.

Other raids there netted one suspect allegedly tied to al Qaeda senior leaders and al Qaeda operative who allegedly is a bomb-making expert.

Forces east of Balad today captured a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq financier. During the raid, coalition forces detained 11 suspects.

Yesterday, Iraqi army and U.S. special operation forces killed a rogue Jaysh al-Mahdi “special group” cell commander yesterday in eastern Baghdad. The high-level leader had a history of extortion, kidnapping and murder.

In other operations:

-- Paratroopers from Strike Force Geronimo detained two suspected al Qaeda insurgents during a raid July 10 northwest of Iskandariyah. Paratroopers of the 25th Infantry Division’s Company A, 3rd Battalion, 509th Airborne, 4th Brigade Combat Team, conducted Operation Geronimo Strike III, capturing members of al Qaeda wanted in connection with the kidnapping of three U.S. soldiers.

-- Iraqi security forces in western Iraq detained four enemy fighters on July 9, allegedly responsible for running an extortion network and two others suspected of planning attacks against coalition forces.

-- Iraqi police forces detained one suspect in Samarra on July 9 allegedly responsible for running a mortar and sniper network there. Forces seized a large amount of ammunition, four sniper rifles and parts, mortar rounds, and material for making improvised explosive devices.

-- Task Force Geronimo paratroopers captured a cell leader responsible for conducting rocket and improvised explosive device attacks in Iskandariyah on July 9. Paratroopers of the 25th Infantry Division’s 1st Battalion, 501st Airborne, 4th Brigade Combat Team, raided the man's house and arrested him without incident.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq, Multinational Corps Iraq, and Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force Arabian Peninsula news releases.)

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