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Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

ELTA Systems Launches the EL/M-2112 - New Persistent Ground Surveillance Radar Family

Jun 18, 2007

ELTA Systems Ltd, an IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd) wholly owned subsidiary, has completed development of the EL/M-2112 Persistent Ground Surveillance Radar family, a new product line of advanced multi-mission high resolution radars. Featuring simultaneous multi-beam technology, the radar provides persistent surveillance and instantaneous multi- target tracking of all ground targets over a wide area.

Designed for use by military, paramilitary and security agencies, the radars instantly, automatically and continuously detect, monitor and track all moving target types in the Region of Interest (ROI). The Persistent Ground Surveillance Radar family has numerous advantages over previous radar generations.

Since the receiving beams cover simultaneously all the sectors of interest, the integration and update times are not limited by a rotating antenna. This results in high probabilities of target interception, an excellent Doppler differentiation and high quality tracking of multiple targets.

The EL/M-2112 is a multi-mission radar family capable of performing all its missions in parallel in a multiple target environment.

The EL/M-2112 radars feature up to four stationary planar antennas, each covering a sector of ninety degrees. The radars are designed for ground and sea surface surveillance and adapt their processing according to the relevant background map.

This new radar family reflects ELTA’s vast experience in surveillance radars and signal processing utilizing cutting edge radar technologies.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. is a recognized leader in the aerospace and defense industry and Israel’s largest industrial exporter. ELTA Systems Ltd., a group and wholly owned subsidiary of IAI, is one of Israel's leading defense electronics companies and a leader in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early Warning and Control, Home-Land Security (HLS), Self-Protection and Self-Defense and Fire Control application.

For further information, please contact:

Doron Suslik
Deputy Corporate Vice President for Communications
Tel: 972 (3) 935-8509
Fax: 972 (3) 935-8512
Email: hpaz@iai.co.il

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