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American Forces Press Service

Coalition Forces Kill Four Terrorists, Detain Dozens

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 18, 2007 – Coalition forces killed four foreign terrorist facilitators and detained 63 other enemy fighters in operations throughout Iraq during the past three days.

The foreign fighter facilitators were killed today during an operation southeast of Rutbah when coalition forces entered a targeted building and killed the four armed men. Four others surrendered and were detained for questioning.

Meanwhile, during operations in Ramadi, coalition forces targeted terrorists with ties to al Qaeda’s senior leadership. The search netted a suspected leader of an improvised explosive devices and sniper cell network in the Ramadi area. Seven other suspects were detained, including three believed to have close ties to senior al Qaeda leaders and a foreign fighter network.

Coalition forces also detained three suspected terrorists, including an alleged senior level car bomb cell leader, in a Baghdad area hospital. The cell leader is implicated in several bomb attacks that are responsible for inciting sectarian violence in northern Baghdad, officials said.

Intelligence reports directed coalition forces to the Al Numan Hospital, which the insurgent was using as a safe haven to avoid capture. Coalition forces met and coordinated with the hospital’s staff to aid in the search and detention of the suspect.

The hospital staff also provided information on two other persons staying overnight who were not listed as patients. Coalition forces detained those suspects, believed to be associates of the insurgent leader.

Also in Baghdad, intelligence reports led coalition forces to nine suspected terrorists, including one allegedly involved in anti-coalition forces activities, the procurement of weapons and supporting foreign fighters. The suspects were detained.

Two other suspects with alleged ties to a foreign fighter facilitation network were detained in Karabilah yesterday.

In eastern Mosul yesterday, members of the Ninewa Iraqi Special Weapons and Tactics Team, along with coalition advisors, captured a suspected insurgent leader. The suspect is reportedly linked to al Qaeda in Iraq and is tied to several recent attacks targeting Iraqi security forces and coalition forces in the area.

On Feb. 16, another group believed to be responsible for threatening security forces was arrested southwest of Hilla. Hilla SWAT members and coalition advisors arrested 21 suspected insurgent leaders and detained 13 others for questioning.

The suspects are believed to be Mahdawiyah leaders who were involved in the battle against Iraqi forces Jan. 28 in Najaf. Since the battle, the leadership allegedly made death threats to Hilla SWAT policemen and their families.

Also Feb. 16, two suspected insurgent cell leaders were captured by special Iraqi security forces and coalition advisors. The suspects are believed to be responsible for conducing attacks against security checkpoints, and placing explosive devices for attacks targeting Iraqi civilians and security forces.

There were no Iraqi civilian, Iraqi force or coalition force casualties during the operations.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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