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MARIETTA, Ga., October 4th, 2006 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] has rolled out the 2300th C-130 Hercules from its assembly line in Marietta, Ga. The milestone aircraft is a KC-130J tanker destined for the United States Marine Corps. This is the second occasion the Marine Corps has received a milestone Hercules, as the 1800th aircraft delivered was also a tanker.

“The C-130 is truly part of aviation history,” said David Haines, Lockheed Martin vice president of C-130 programs. “It has been in continuous production for more than 50 years, yet today the C-130J Super Hercules is the most advanced airlifter available on the world market. We are seeing a growing demand for the Super Hercules. Many countries are looking for new airlift fleets and the C-130J is the only affordable option for many, as it can complete both tactical and strategic missions.”

Only a few aircraft have earned the description "legendary." The C-130 Hercules, named for the mythical Greek hero renowned for his great strength, has become a true, real-world legend. These multimission airlifters are flown by more than 60 nations worldwide, in more than 70 variants. There is no airlift mission the C-130 has not flown. It carries troops, vehicles and armaments into battle; airdrops paratroopers and supplies; serves as airborne and ground refuelers; provides emergency evacuation and humanitarian relief; and conducts airborne early warning, maritime surveillance and special missions. It has recovered space capsules and worn skis in Antarctica. Surviving the toughest flights, the roughest landings and the constant pounding of heavy cargo, many of the earliest C-130s remain active today.

“In the U.S., the C-130J is ideally positioned to become the next aircraft to modernize special operations and aging C-130 combat delivery fleets. There is a saying that the sun never sets on the C-130 and it's true — a Hercules is airborne somewhere in the world every hour of every day, flying combat and humanitarian relief operations. The Hercules is without parallel,” added Haines.

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