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Civil affairs projects improve Nineveh quality of life

MOSUL, Iraq (Army News Service, Aug. 21, 2006) – Three towns west of Mosul in northern Iraq are benefiting from several newly completed projects as a result of cooperation between local leadership, and members of the 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion.

Local contractors completed construction of a new courthouse for the citizens of Sununi on Aug. 7. The month-long project employed 35 local workers and is expected to make the adjudication of laws easier for the judges in the Sunini sub-district by providing a place for judges to meet and hear cases.

When inspecting the work, coalition force personnel assessed the structure to exceed the standards of other construction in the area due to the craftsmanship and hard work of the contractor and his employees.

On Aug. 10 the citizens of Abu Khasab began enjoying the benefits of a clean and safe fresh water supply in their town with the completion of a new water purification system.

A local workforce of 20 men constructed the new system that now provides water to the village of 800 by pumping untreated water from a nearby irrigation canal. The water is then pumped into a filtering system that treats the water with chlorine. Clean water is then stored in new 30,000 liter water storage tanks. After this process, purified water is ready for distribution to the community.

The system is also capable of pumping water directly from the canal into the village for irrigation and livestock, bypassing the purification system and conserving chlorine.

In Um Al Khabary, the village primary school reopened after renovations were completed on Aug. 13 thanks to the efforts of a local contractor and 25 workers.

Civil affairs Soldiers inspected the work on the school and found its workmanship fell well within standards of contract obligations.

The school, which supports the village of approximately 500 residents and numerous families in the surrounding area, will provide the children with a safe and functional learning environment.

(Story provided by the 138TH MOBILE PAD)

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