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Chief Advancement Quotas Announced

Navy NewsStand

Story Number: NNS060711-05
Release Date: 7/11/2006 1:33:00 PM

By Sharon Anderson, Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Selecting just more than 4,800 Sailors to join the ranks of chief petty officer this September, the Navy is achieving its goal to alleviate large fluctuations in advancement opportunity.

“This promotion cycle balances maintaining healthy and competitive advancements for our Sailors competing to wear khakis, while reducing large fluctuations in future cycles,” said Vice Adm. J. C. Harvey Jr., Chief of Naval Personnel. “Our goal is to smooth advancement quotas from cycle to cycle in each rating.”

Advancement opportunity is at 24.20 percent, a decrease of 2.77 percent from last year, but still 2.26 percent above Fiscal Year 06. Average advancement opportunity for the four previous cycles is 24.94 percent.

“We hope to keep our advancement opportunity from wide fluctuations from cycle to cycle,” said Lt. Cmdr. Juliet Cook, advancement planner. “Right now we see future cycles’ opportunity in the 24 or 25 percent range.”

The selection board, convened June 26 in Millington, Tenn., reviewed the records of 19,870 E-6s, an increase of 224 from last cycle, to fill the 4,808 quotas, a dip of 490 from the last board.

Six new or merged communities are part of the E-7 board for the first time this year. New for special warfare are four communities - Navy Diver, Explosive Ordnance Disposalman, Special Warfare Boat Operator and Special Warfare Operator. Two new ratings from merging communities are the Mass Communication Specialist rating, which merges Journalist, Photographer’s Mate, Lithographer and Illustrator/Draftsman, and the Personnel Specialist rating, merging Personnelman and Disbursing Clerk.

Notable opportunity increases this cycle are in the Yeoman (submarines) rating with 68.75 percent advancement and 33 quotas, rising from 18.42 percent opportunity and seven quotas from FY06 rates. Also showing strong opportunity is Boatswain’s Mate at 60.78 percent with 203 quotas, rising from 46.29 percent and 181 quotas last cycle.

Two communities seeing a decrease from FY06 are Quartermaster at 20.61 percent opportunity and 27 quotas, down from 69.79 percent and 152 quotas. Also declining is Yeoman (GRP2), having just 8.73 percent opportunity and 42 quotas, dropping from 32.82 percent and 148 quotas the previous cycle.

Sailors looking for help studying for advancement exams can access the Advancement Exam Strategy Guide (AESG) provided by the Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC) at https://www.advancement.cnet.navy.mil/study/asg/sailor/. This computer-based tool provides insight into the advancement system, exam development and exam preparation strategies. It also gives specific information for each rating, with links to bibliographies, a master reference list, as well as topics and sub-topics for each paygrade.

A complete list of quotas will soon be available online at www.npc.navy.mil.

For related news, visit the Chief of Naval Personnel Navy NewsStand page at www.news.navy.mil/local/cnp/.

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