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24 January 2006 Military News

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  • Navy Ships Surge in Support of Maritime Security Navy NewsStand 24 Jan 2006 -- The Navy is surging three ships Jan. 24 and 25 to conduct maritime security operations in support of the global war on terrorism.
  • ATG Self-Training Software Soon to Hit Navywide Navy NewsStand 24 Jan 2006 -- A software program that allows ships' crews to self-evaluate their progress in meeting training requirements is expanding from the testing stage to being implemented aboard 50 ships in January.
  • Essex Completes Fueling at Sea Certification Navy NewsStand 24 Jan 2006 -- USS Essex (LHD 2) successfully completed its certification for fueling at sea (FAS) with a new fueling rig during an early evening underway evolution with USS Fort McHenry (LPD 43) Jan 21.
  • Autonomous Fire Scout UAV Lands on Ship Navy NewsStand 24 Jan 2006 -- The Navy’s Unmanned Aerial System program office, and the Vertical Takeoff and Landing Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle (VTUAV) Program completed a major developmental milestone as the VTUAV system completed nine autonomous landings aboard USS Nashville (LPD 13). One air vehicle performed the initial tests with three landings Jan. 16, and a second air vehicle was launched Jan. 17 to complete the testing.
  • 'Smart' cable helps protect aircraft AFPN 24 Jan 2006 -- In December 2003 and January 2004, several Air Force aircraft took fire near Baghdad, Iraq, but the missile warning systems failed to indicate the attacks.
  • AFRL breakthrough furthers space optics AFPN 24 Jan 2006 -- Positioning three delicate, circular mirrors to one one-thousandth of the width of a human hair challenged scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory's space vehicles directorate here.
  • DoD Taps Industry Know-How in Ongoing Counter-IED Efforts AFPS 24 Jan 2006 -- Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England called on what he called some of the best minds in the country today to help come up with new solutions to the threat improvised explosive devices pose to U.S. troops.
  • Info Is as Important as Ammo in 'Long War,' General Says AFPS 24 Jan 2006 -- In the so-called "Long War," information will be as important as ammunition, a senior military officer said.
  • Army's Veteran Bomb-Disposal Robot Now 'Packs Heat' AFPS 24 Jan 2006 -- A modified version of an Army robot that's used to thwart roadside bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq now packs a punch of its own.
  • Army Begins CAC Cryptographic Logon Army News Release 24 Jan 2006 -- The U.S. Army began implementing this month the Common Access Card Cryptographic Logon which requires a special identification card, known as a CAC, and a personal identification number to log on to the Army's unclassified network.
  • Aircraft recovery platoon first of its kind Army News 24 Jan 2006 -- Officers of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade saw the need for a unit whose mission was totally devoted to recovering aircraft that had been downed anywhere within the brigade's area of operation

  • White House Briefing, January 24 Washington File 24 Jan 2006 -- Economy, Judge Alito/nomination, Pakistan/air strike, Hurricane Katrina/anticipated damage, Iraq reconstruction, Canada/softwood lumber, Abramoff/Senator Reid's comments, Iran/Newt Gingrich's comments, Bush's trip to NSA, Army interrogator case, Ford layoffs/plant closings, Afghanistan
  • State Department Briefing, January 24 Washington File 24 Jan 2006 -- Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Kuwait, Palestinian Authority, Canada, Lebanon, Syria, Haiti, Republic of Congo, Sudan, Cyprus, Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan

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