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29 December 2005 Military News

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Current Operations


  • CENTAF releases daily air power summary AFPN 29 Dec 2005 -- U.S. Central Command Air Forces officials released today's air power summary.
  • Controllers keeping Iraqi skies safe AFPN 29 Dec 2005 -- Another small dot drags a string of numbers with it as it hesitantly shuffles onto the screen. Now there are 30 dots with numbers.
  • US General in Iraq Gives Hopeful Security Assessment VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- U.S. military commander in Baghdad says, despite post-election violence, Iraq's security situation is improving, as the strength of Iraqi security forces grows, and the ability of insurgents to mount massive attacks diminishes.
  • Iraqi Kurds, Shi'ites Continue Government Talks VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- Iraq's President Jalal Talabani has met with the leader of a key Shi'ite political bloc, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, to discuss plans for forming a coalition government. But Sunni leaders have rejected talks until their complaints about alleged fraud in this month's parliamentary elections are addressed.
  • Suicide Bombing Near Iraq's Interior Ministry Kills 4 Police VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- Iraqi authorities say a suicide bomber killed four policemen and wounded four others in Baghdad Thursday. Police say the bomber blew himself up near a police vehicle outside Iraq's Interior Ministry. In a separate attack in the capital, a roadside bomb killed a U.S. soldier.
  • Coalition Aircrews Fly Combat, Support Missions Dec. 28 AFPS 29 Dec 2005 -- Coalition aircraft flew 36 close air support missions for Operation Iraqi Freedom, supporting coalition troops, infrastructure protection, reconstruction activities and operations to deter and disrupt terrorist activities, officials said. U.S. Air Force F-15s provided close air support to coalition troops near Balad, striking an enemy mortar firing location. Other F-15s provided close air support to coalition troops near Iskandariyah and Mahmudiyah.
  • 82nd Airborne Unit Winds Down Short, Fulfilling Deployment AFPS 29 Dec 2005 -- It was a short, violent and ultimately fulfilling deployment for the paratroopers of Task Force 3-504, said its commander, Army Lt. Col. Larry Swift. The unit - built around the 3rd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and under command of the 2nd Marine Division while in Iraq - was one of two battalions deployed in September from Fort Bragg, N.C.
  • Tal Afar Sees Progress With Water Network Completed AFPS 29 Dec 2005 -- Workers have completed the water network in Tal Afar, Iraq, an $85,000 project that improved the water supply of 115 homes, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials reported. The Corps of Engineers awarded the contract and oversaw work quality.
  • 'Army Water' Makes Debut in Balad, Baghdad AFPS 29 Dec 2005 -- You can call it "Army water" or "No-name water," but whatever you call it, servicemembers here will stay hydrated while keeping soldiers and civilian truckers safer.

  • Explosion Kills Would-Be Bombers in Afghanistan VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- Two suspected Taleban members blew themselves up while strapping on explosives in southern Afghanistan. The blast occurred Thursday near a market in an Afghan town near the Pakistani border. Afghan officials say no one else was hurt in the explosion.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Acting Deputy Secretary England Relinquishes Top Navy Post 29 Dec 2005 -- The Department of Defense announced today that Secretary of the Navy and Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England has relinquished his Navy secretary post and will continue to serve as acting deputy secretary of defense.
  • Airmen deploy with lighter load AFPN 29 Dec 2005 -- A new mobility-bag process will now "lighten" the load of deployed members and save the Air Force money, too.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • EGYPT: Landmine conference highlights need for clearance IRIN 29 Dec 2005 -- A conference on landmine clearance in Cairo called for banning the use of them, production and storage in Egypt and in other countries in the region.
  • COTE D IVOIRE: New government announced after weeks of haggling IRIN 29 Dec 2005 -- After weeks of negotiations war-torn Cote d'Ivoire's new prime minister has formed a transitional government that has 10 months to reunite the country, disarm fighters and hold presidential elections.
  • ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: Ban on UN flights still in place IRIN 29 Dec 2005 -- Eritrea's ban on UN helicopter flights in its airspace is still in place despite UN Security Council demands that the restriction be lifted, the UN said on Thursday.
  • Colombia's President Vows to Eradicate Coca Plants VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has vowed to increase efforts to destroy plants used to make cocaine. Uribe's comments come just one day after rebel forces killed 29 soldiers standing guard as workers destroyed coca crops, used to make cocaine.
  • Quartet Says Next Palestinian Cabinet Should Exclude Extremists VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- The United States and its partners in the Middle East Quartet said Wednesday the Palestinian cabinet that emerges from elections next month should exclude groups that reject Israel's right to exist.
  • Truce Monitors in Sri Lanka Warn Civil War Imminent VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- In Sri Lanka, European truce monitors overseeing a cease-fire between the government and separatist Tamil Tiger rebels have warned that the country may be moving back toward civil war. The warning comes as the international community calls for the two sides to hold peace talks.
  • Last Indonesian Troops Leaving Aceh VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- Indonesia is finishing its troop withdrawal in the province of Aceh, completing a key condition of a peace agreement with Acehnese rebels to end nearly three decades of separatist conflict there.
  • Ivory Coast Transitional Government Draws Mixed Reaction VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- Ivory Coast's recently appointed prime minister, has named a government he says will lead the country to elections next year. Reactions to the announcement have been mixed. Angry supporters of Ivory Coast's president, Laurent Gbagbo, took to the streets in Abidjan Wednesday, as government radio broadcast the list of ministers in the new Cabinet.
  • Report: Donors to Withhold $375 Million From Ethiopia VOA 29 Dec 2005 -- A published report says donors plan to withhold $375 million in aid from Ethiopia in light of the government's response to recent opposition-led protests.

News Reports

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