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Baghdad raids net well-known terrorists


BAGHDAD (Army News Service, Oct. 7, 2005) — In a lightning-fast pre-dawn raid Oct. 6, Iraqi Army Soldiers raided the homes of two well-known terrorists in Sadr City, while other Baghdad raids that same day netted 58 suspects.

An elite Iraqi Army Strike Platoon took the lead during the Sadr City operation. Other IA Soldiers set up an outer cordon, preventing terrorist forces from reaching the targets, and making sure terrorists didn’t escape.

Raid detains infamous `Engineer’

One of the suspected terrorists was known for emplacing roadside bombs and conducting rocket-propelled grenade attacks on Coalition Forces. He reportedly received a car for shooting down a U.S. Army helicopter last year.

The other suspected terrorist was known as “The Engineer” for his expertise in manufacturing and emplacing bombs. The raid also uncovered a cache of bomb-triggering devices at the terrorist’s residence.

Shows capability of Iraqi troops

“The raid shows the capability of the Iraqi Army Battalion to plan and execute a complex mission,” said Capt. Zan Hornbuckle, a U.S. Army company commander who works with the Iraqi Army. “They’re totally competent at the squad and platoon levels, and getting better at the company level.

“They did a great job—everything went really smoothly,” Hornbuckle added. “It gives the Iraqi Soldiers confidence in their capabilities to pull off such a complex mission flawlessly.”

Other raids hit west, south Baghdad

Task Force Baghdad Soldiers teamed up with Iraqi Special Police Commandos to conduct a series of raids in south Baghdad Oct. 6 and netted 34 terror suspects.

The hunt for terrorists in Saydiyah kicked off just after midnight as Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team focused efforts on 16 targets and detained 10 men. Nine of the detainees were suspected of having affiliations with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Elements from 1st Battalion, 1st Commando Brigade also conducted a raid in another western Al-Rasheed neighborhood and detained 24 suspected terrorists.

Forces secure suicide bomb site

Iraqi Security Forces and Task Force Baghdad Soldiers also maintained calm Oct. 6 amidst chaos at the scene of a suicide bomb attack in central Baghdad.

The terrorist boarded a bus and detonated the bomb while on board, killing several Iraqi civilians.

Soldiers from 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division and military police from Task Force Baghdad quickly arrived on the scene and established security while attending to the casualties.

A U.S. explosive ordnance disposal team determined the bomber wore a vest loaded with up to 15 pounds of explosives and ball bearings.

(Editor’s note: Information provided by news releases Task Force Baghdad, it’s 4th Brigade Combat Team and 2nd BCT.

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