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3/8 Weapons Company nets possible insurgent

Marine Corps News

Story Identification #: 20055924836
Story by Lance Cpl. Athanasios L. Genos

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq (April 24, 2005) -- Lance Cpl. Joshua B. Johnson and fellow Marines with 2nd platoon, Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment detained a possible insurgent, April 24.

As they conducted patrols and vehicle checkpoints along the Iraqi thoroughfares here, the man was detained after tests found explosive residue on his skin and vehicle.

Johnson, a Blanchard, La. native, was traveling in the lead vehicle of the patrol when he spotted an Iraqi man alongside the road with a shovel sticking out of the sidecar on his motorcycle.

“He saw us just as we saw him, and when he tried getting away we cut him off so we could search him and his motorcycle,” explained the 2003 Northwood High School graduate.

After the Marines searched the man, he was tested for gunshot residue. The man and his vehicle came up positive for signs of explosives residue.

He and the other Marines knew the test was enough to detain him for questioning. So they secured the man and loaded him and his motorcycle into separate vehicles to be taken to the base where he was turned over to the Marines there.

This was an average Sunday for these Marines. Sundays are usually one of the busiest days for insurgent activity and 2nd platoon began their day determined to prevent this activity.

Johnson and the platoon mounted their vehicles and patrolled along one of the main thoroughfares.

They stopped where insurgent activity has been prevalent in the past and set up a vehicle checkpoint to get a closer look at who and what was traveling in their area. Finishing up the checkpoint, they carried on with their patrol along the roadway.

It wasn’t long after finishing the checkpoint that they detained the suspicious individual and his motorcycle.

After turning over their charge to the Marines at the holding facility, Johnson and his fellow Marines once again headed back out onto the streets. They resumed their mission where they left off, searching the streets for insurgent activity in hopes of creating a safe city for the Iraqi people to prosper.


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