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Abu Ghraib attack planner captured

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Multi-national forces captured wanted Abu Musab al-Zarqawi terrorist, Amar Adnan Muhammad Hamzah al-Zubaydi, aka Abu al Abbas during an early morning raid in Baghdad May 5. 

Among the documents seized with al-Zubaydi were plans to assassinate Iraqi government leaders.

Abu al Abbas was allegedly the key planner for both the April 2 attack on Abu Ghraib and the series of car bomb attacks carried out April 29 within the vicinity of Baghdad. The Zarqawi terrorist network has publicly claimed both the Abu Ghraib attack and the multiple car bomb explosions that killed scores of innocent Iraqis.      

Abu al Abbas partially explained the purpose of documents found at his home during the May 5 raid. He confirmed that letters, notes and sketches contained plans and intelligence for an operation to assassinate a prominent Iraqi Government official. 

In addition to his involvement in assassination plans, Abu al Abbas provided explosive devices, assisted in the preparation of vehicles, selected targets, coordinated for suicide bombers, facilitated foreign fighters into Iraq and orchestrated the execution of several bombing operations in recent weeks to include the Abu Ghraib attack April 2 and the car bomb attacks on April 29. 

Abu al Abbas confessed to stealing 300 to 400 rockets and more than 720 cases of plastic explosives from a weapons facility in Yussifiyah in early 2003.  Abu al Abbas claimed he buried some of the stolen weapons and explosives material at his farm in Yussifiyah and stored the remaining stolen weapons and explosives at two other underground sites located approximately one-and-a-half kilometers from his farm. 

Abu al Abbas claimed the stockpile located at his farm was exhausted for use as road and car bombs while Coalition forces found and destroyed the remaining weapons and explosive material buried at the two outlying storage sites.

The recently captured Zarqawi associate admitted to providing explosive devices to Umar al-Kurdi, the notorious bomber responsible for preparing and detonating over 75 per cent of all vehicle bombs in Baghdad prior to Umar’s capture Jan 15. Abu al Abbas gave Abu Umar access to his stockpile of explosives during a one month period spanning from December 2004 to January 2005. 

In that timeframe Abu Umar constructed approximately ten car bombs near or on Abu al Abbas’ farm in Yussifiyah. Abu al Abbas claimed Abu Umar and a suicide bomber would each drive a car from Baghdad to his location in Yussifiyah. Abu Umar would then prepare one vehicle for detonation and always instruct the suicide bomber to drive the newly constructed car bomb back to Baghdad for future attacks.

The capture of Abu Al Abbas prevents one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq from further terrorizing Iraqis and delaying them from a peaceful and stable environment.

Both Abu al Abbas and another recently captured Zarqawi associate, Ghassan Amin, the former QJBR Amir of Rawah, have provided Iraqi and Coalition forces with significant insight into the Zarqawi network. The most notable details gained from these detained terrorists specifically concern the operations, logistics and locations of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi network members, foreign fighters and suicide bombers within Baghdad and the western corridor of Iraq.  

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