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Iraqi soldiers net large weapons cache

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Army News Service, May 18, 2005) - Iraqi security forces discovered two weapons caches this week and thwarted a kidnapping attempt at a central Baghdad bank.

Soldiers from the 302nd Battalion, 40th Iraqi Army Brigade found a large weapons cache the night of March 14 and detained three men during a patrol near Haifa Street in Baghdad.

The cache consisted of two 60-millimeter mortar rounds, thirteen 60mm mortar base plates, two 82mm mortar base plates, 22 rocket-propelled grenades and six RPG launchers.

The Iraqi Soldiers also found 12 fragmentary grenades, one RPK machine gun, 14 rocket-propelled- grenade fuses, a homemade grenade, an improvised explosive device and eight AK-47 magazines.

A military assistance team from the 3rd Infantry Division's 4th Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment assisted Iraqi Security Forces during the operation.

Weapons confiscated near Tahrir

The 213th Iraqi Army Battalion also confiscated a number of weapons this week near Tahrir.

The 213th, along with Soldiers from TF 1-10 Infantry, discovered an individual with several weapons during a patrol in the Tahrir area March 16. The individual had several AK-47's, 9mm pistols, magazines and ammunition.

The patrol, led by Iraqi Soldiers, was designed to show the local population that Coalition Forces are concerned with their safety. One other individual was detained for questioning during the patrol.

Guards capture kidnappers at bank

Bank guards and Iraqi police were able to thwart a kidnapping March 17 in central Baghdad.

Iraqi Police arrived at the Rafadin Bank to investigate small arms fire. At the bank, they found that four insurgents had attempted a drive-by shooting.

Bank guards returned fire and wounded two of the suspects. Guards detained one suspect and the vehicle that was used.

Inside the vehicle, the guards found an Iraqi contractor trapped in the trunk. The guards also found a ski mask, a pistol and a cell phone.

The three suspects that managed to escape later turned up later at Yarmouk Hospital and are now in Iraqi Police custody.

Mortars, RPGs destroyed

Another Task Force Baghdad unit discovered a weapons cache in central Baghdad around noon today.

The stockpile of weaponry included 20 mortar rounds, 20 rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades.

A Task Force Baghdad Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was called to the scene and later detonated the cache.

Weapons warehouse found in Jededa

Earlier this month, Iraqi Army forces found an enormous weapons cache in Al Jededa.

The Iraqi 22nd Battalion acted on information from informants and captured insurgents which led them to a warehouse filled with explosives, weapons, and munitions, March 7 in Al Jededa.

The warehouse contained more than 200,000 small arms rounds, 13 rifles of various types, 11 rocket propelled grenade launchers, 116 rocket propelled grenades, 110 RPG booster rockets, nine complete mortar systems, 610 60mm mortar rounds, 208 82mm mortar rounds, 152 120mm mortar rounds, 11 122mm artillery rounds, 59 57mm rockets, two 107mm rockets, and one 73mm rocket.

In addition, the soldiers found 225 blasting caps, more than 50 pounds of plastic explosives, detonation cord, timed fuses, 75 hand grenades, more than 1,800 pounds of explosive propellant, four boxes of improvised explosive device making materials, and radios and base station phones.

The warehouse also contained maps, phone numbers, diagrams, and the owner's identification along with some video equipment.

(Information taken from news releases out of Iraq.)

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