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RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 11 (RIA Novosti) - The body of the Chechen terrorist leader Aslan Maskhadov, killed in Chechnya on Tuesday, was transported to Moscow, an informed source in the Russian security-related structures told RIA Novosti.

He said Maskhadov's body was delivered to Moscow on board a special flight.

"In the near future, forensic experts in Moscow will conduct a series of medical examinations necessary to establish the identity of Mr. Maskhadov," the source revealed.

He underlined that the preliminary visual identification of the eliminated terrorist was conducted in Chechnya. His relatives, involved in the procedure, confirmed that it was indeed Mr. Maskhadov's body.

Officials from the Prosecutor General's office in the North Caucasus told RIA Novosti yesterday that forensic examination on the basis of DNA analysis would be conducted shortly in order to make a precise identification of Mr. Maskhadov's body.

"These procedures include a thorough examination of the DNA structure of a sample taken from Maskhadov's body and the DNA samples of his relatives," the prosecutors revealed.

"These procedures are necessary to eliminate any doubts about the fact that the person killed on March 8 in the village of Tolstoy-Yurt in the Grozny district of Chechnya is indeed Aslan Maskhadov," the source added.

Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolai Shepel told journalists in Grozny that it would take experts about two weeks to conclude the identification procedures, and several days to establish the cause of his death.

After the conclusion of all necessary investigation procedures, Maskhadov's body will be buried according to the provisions of the Law on Terrorism, Mr. Shepel said. He reminded the reporters that Mr. Maskhadov was one of the suspects in the criminal case in connection with the terrorist act in Beslan.

According to the law, bodies of terrorists are not given to their relatives but buried instead on the territory of the subject of the Russian Federation where they were killed. The exact location of the grave is known only to a limited number of law enforcement officials.

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