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181st Support Battalion transfers authority

BALAD, Iraq - 181st Support Battalion, 81st Brigade Combat Team conducted a Transfer of Authority with 29th Support Battalion, 29th Brigade Combat Team on March 2 at Logistics Support Area Anaconda, Balad, Iraq.

The 181st Spt. Bn. has excelled during Operation Iraqi Freedom II with a diverse mission set. 181st Spt. Bn. conducted security operations at LSA Anaconda since April 2004.

The 181st Spt. Bn. assumed the security mission for all the entry control points into the base. The battalion's top priority was preventing penetration of the LSA perimeter by either a vehicle-borne improvised explosive devise or suicide bomber.

Other security operations included conducting internal perimeter patrols and manning four high-technology surveillance systems, which provided 24-hour coverage of the area surrounding the base. The battalion also worked closely with the new Iraqi National Guard, training them and conducting joint security operations.

The 181st Spt. Bn. also conducted its typical support operations such as providing medical services for the Soldiers of LSA Anaconda at its clinic, medical mission support for tactical operations, vehicle and equipment maintenance, and management of an ammunition holding area. In addition, the battalion operated a detainee medical holding facility for combat-wounded Iraqis.

The 181st Spt. Bn. provided medical support to the brigade combat team task forces located throughout the theater of operation, augmenting medical support for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force as they conducted combat operations in Fallujah.

The 181st Spt. Bn. also conducted 45 logistic re-supply convoys throughout Iraq in support of the brigade's units attached to other Army divisions.

Soldiers of 181st Spt. Bn. demonstrated great discipline and professionalism as they protected more than 25,000 military and civilian inhabitants of LSA Anaconda from insurgent attacks.

More than 700,000 military and civilian contractors and local nationals, and 300,000 military and civilian vehicles were processed onto LSA Anaconda by 181st Spt. Bn.

Despite the efforts of the insurgents, which included bombs attached to vehicles, sniper fire, and an exploded vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, there were no successful penetrations of the base.

Lt. Col. George Abbott, Commander of 181st Spt. Bn, summarized their experiences. "The Soldiers of the 181st Spt. Bn. have distinguished themselves by accomplishing each and every assigned mission in an outstanding manner, manning entry control points, conducting convoys, and providing maintenance and medical support. We even had a dozen guys flying as Blackhawk door gunners. It's been quite a year and I couldn't be more proud of our Soldiers," he said.

The 181st Spt. Bn. suffered one fatality during their time in Iraq. Sgt. Quoc Tran was killed during a convoy mission to Baghdad in November 2004. An exemplary Soldier, he will remembered by his many friends for his professionalism and enthusiasm.

The 181st Spt. Bn. is currently in the process of redeploying back to Fort Lewis and all Soldiers should be out of Iraq by the end of March.

For more information concerning this release, contact Capt. Anne Marie Peacock, 81st BCT Public Affairs Officer, at public.affairs81bct@us.army.mil.

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