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Rehearsal DETERMINED EFFORT 2005 (DE05)


JFC Naples Press Release {04}
{02 03 05}

NATO forces will deploy to Kosovo to take part in a routinely scheduled operational rehearsal to ensure NATO troops and the Reserve Forces Headquarters are prepared to respond to any crisis in the Balkans. The rehearsal, planned last summer, constitutes the first phase of a series of operational rehearsals nicknamed DETERMINED EFFORT 2005 (DE 05), which will continue throughout the year. During this phase a German Operational Reaction Force (ORF) Battalion will be deployed into theatre from 06 March to 13 April 2004.

Like those previously conducted over the past several years, this rehearsal sends a renewed clear message of NATO’s and the international community’s strong resolve and commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the overall Balkans region. It also demonstrates NATO’s ability to reinforce already in-theatre NATO-led forces and if necessary, the EUFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, at very short notice with so-called “Over-The-Horizon-Forces” (OTHF).

This militarily effective reserve concept is built upon three components: (1) in-theatre highly mobile, rapid reaction tactical reserves; (2) an operational reserve force or OTHF that can rapidly deploy to augment the tactical reserves; and (3) an additional strategic reserve force that is available to the SACEUR and may deploy at short notice if required.

During this rehearsal, NATO units will be involved in Peace Support Operations. They will practice and validate operational concepts and familiarize units with the terrain and environment. The OTHF consist of multi-national, trained units with a wide range of military capabilities –including light and airborne infantry, amphibious, air mobile, armour, artillery and air attack. These reserves are designed to be a mobile, versatile force to augment in-theatre forces in order to deal with any military contingency.

Units will arrive in theatre fully mission-capable and logistically self-sustaining by air and land routes. After processing through reception areas, they will be integrated into the command and control structures of KFOR, performing duties with the in-theatre troops in a wide variety of missions, for example manning checkpoints and conducting routine patrols.

The Commander of the Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, who is the Joint Force Commander responsible for the NATO-led Balkan Operations, will coordinate the operational rehearsal. The multi-national NATO Headquarters in Kosovo, KFOR, will control assigned units.


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