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21 February 2005 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

  • Transcript: Remarks by the President at Concert Noble The White House 21 Feb 2005
  • Bush Calls Euro-American Alliance Main Pillar of Security AFPS 21 Feb 2005 -- In his first trip abroad of his second term in office, President Bush told Europeans that "the alliance of Europe and North America is the main pillar of our security."
  • White House Report, February 20: Bush's Trip to Europe Washington File 21 Feb 2005 -- President Bush, in talks with European leaders, will emphasize that the transatlantic alliance, which constitutes a community of values, should also be "a community of action for the advance of freedom in the world," a senior administration official says.
  • EUROPE/BUSH VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- European officials have reacted favorably to President Bush's call for greater trans-Atlantic unity and his support for the idea of a strong, integrated Europe. The emphasis on renewed partnership in Mr. Bush's speech Monday overshadowed doubts some Europeans have about his ambition to spread freedom to the Middle East.
  • U.S.: Bush Seeks To Mend Trans-Atlantic Rift RFE/RL 21 Feb 2005 -- U.S. President George W. Bush arrived in Brussels last night for a visit the EU hopes will signal an upturn in relations between the United States and some of its European allies that were soured by the war in Iraq.
  • Bush Speech Aims To Repair Trans-Atlantic Ties RFE/RL 21 Feb 2005 -- Bush told European officials gathered in Brussels today that disagreements like the one over the invasion of Iraq should not divide the trans-Atlantic alliance.
  • BUSH EUROPE SPEECH VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- President Bush says it is time for the United States and Europe to put their disagreements aside and begin a new era of trans-Atlantic unity.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • Britain Hints At Syrian Involvement In Killing RFE/RL 21 Feb 2005 -- British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw today said that there is a "high level of suspicion" that Syria is involved in the killing of Lebanon's former prime minister Rafiq Hariri.
  • LEBANON / PROTESTS VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- Thousands of demonstrators marched in central Beirut to call for an international investigation into the assassination last week of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. The massive demonstration also called for the quick removal of Syrian troops in Lebanon, as well as an end to Syrian dominance of the Lebanese government.
  • LEBANON SCENE VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- Thousands of Lebanese brandishing red banners, flags, and pictures of slain Prime Minister Rafik al Hariri congregated in a mass demonstration, next to the spot where Mr. Hariri died in a massive car bomb explosion, exactly one week ago.

  • BUSH - MIDEAST VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- President Bush says the immediate goal facing the United States and Europe is peace in the Middle East.
  • Middle East: Despite Disengagement, Palestinians Worry About Israeli Barrier RFE/RL 21 Feb 2005 -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's cabinet approved his Gaza disengagement plan yesterday by a vote of 17 to five. The plan calls for the removal of all 21 Jewish settlements in Gaza and four of the 120 Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank. Analysts describe it as a bold step that confirms Sharon's political will for disengagement. But another cabinet vote yesterday added to Palestinian concerns that Israel may be trying to impose de facto borders around large swathes of occupied Palestinian territory before final status talks on a future Palestinian state. In that vote, Sharon's cabinet endorsed a new route for a controversial security barrier that loops around some remaining Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
  • ISRAEL PALESTINIANS VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- Israel has begun releasing 500 Palestinian prisoners, as part of a goodwill gesture aimed at getting Middle East peace efforts back on track.

  • SUDAN: Basic infrastructure lacking as thousands return to the south - UNHCR IRIN 21 Feb 2005 -- Thousands of displaced Sudanese have returned to the south following the signing in January of a comprehensive peace agreement, but the region totally lacks basic infrastructure, a UN official said.
  • Putin Orders Expansion Of Fight In North Caucasus RFE/RL 21 Feb 2005 -- Russian President Vladimir Putin today ordered Interior Ministry forces to intensify the battle against militants in the North Caucasus
  • GREAT LAKES: Call for special fund for war-torn region IRIN 21 Feb 2005 -- Declaring Africa's Great Lakes region a "specific reconstruction and development area," foreign ministers from countries in the region called on the international donor community on Friday to set up a special fund to transform the volatile region into a "haven of peace".
  • NEPAL/REBELS VOA 21 Feb 2005 -- In Nepal, one person has been killed and several injured in violence linked to a countrywide transport blockade enforced by communist rebels. Anjana Pasricha in New Delhi reports on the situation in Nepal, where the king took absolute power earlier this month.

News Reports

  • RUSSIAN MILITARY HOSPITAL STAYS ON SUMATRA RIA Novosti 21 Feb 2005 -- Three Il-76MD military transport planes have brought the medical personnel of the 183rd special task medical unit of Russia's Volga-Urals military district, i.e. field hospital personnel, from Banda Aceh in Indonesia to their home city of Yekaterinburg.

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