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Iraqi citizens Assist Iraqi, U.S. Forces in Advance of Upcoming Elections

Camp Blue Diamond, Iraq
- Iraqi citizens continue to assist Iraqi and U.S. forces in ridding the streets and cities of weapons caches in advance of the upcoming Iraqi elections. Marines and Soldiers of the 1st Marine Division of the I Marine Expeditionary Force tirelessly seize weapons caches throughout the Al Anbar Province.

On Wednesday, an Iraqi citizen turned over a weapons cache to Marines in Fallujah that consisted of a 60mm mortar round, a 57mm rocket, five grenades, an RPG round and several chest harnesses and belts with ammunition in them.

Meanwhile, Marines noticed unorthodox wiring while searching a vehicle they had stopped near Fallujah. The wiring indicated the vehicle was being prepared for a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack, and the vehicle was confiscated, with the two occupants detained.

On two separate occasions Tuesday, Iraqi civilians provided tips that lead to the seizure of weapons caches by Iraqi and U.S. forces in Ramadi and Fallujah. Based on a tip from an Iraqi citizen, an Iraqi commando unit seized a weapons cache inside of the gates of the Malik Abn Ans Mosque in eastern Ramadi. The weapons cache consisted of one bag of shotgun rounds, an RPG primer, six empty mortar round boxes, six 60mm mortar rounds, three 82mm mortar tail fins and an AK-47 bandoleer. U.S. forces provided outer security during the search.

In Fallujah, Marines received a tip from an Iraqi citizen about the location of a weapons cache. The tip led to the seizure of ten RPG rounds, four 82mm mortar rounds, five 60mm mortar rounds, three 120mm mortar rounds, an anti-tank mine, four anti-personnel mines and several chest harnesses for AK-47 magazines.

In other activities over the last 72 hours, Marines and Soldiers from the 1st Marine Division detained 38 suspected insurgents and seized several weapons caches during operations throughout the Al Anbar Province.

The following weapons and munitions were seized:

(1) RPG round

(1) RPG launcher

(1) AK-47 assault rifle

(1) PKM machinegun

(1) Bandolier of 7.62mm rounds

(100) 14.5mm rounds

(50) 17.6mm rounds

(145) 120mm mortar round

(6) Sticks of PE-4 explosives

(2) Grenades

(200) 37mm anti-aircraft rockets

(2) 80mm mortar rounds

(2) 82mm mortar rounds

(1) 155mm artillery round

(2) Land mines

IED making material

The 1st Marine Division of the I Marine Expeditionary Force is committed to providing a secure environment for the citizens of Al Anbar Province for the January 30 elections.

Release #050127j

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