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Iraqi Forces Discover Weapons Cache in Fallujah

Camp Blue Diamond, Iraq
- Soldiers from the 3rd Iraqi Intervention Force discovered a weapons cache in northern Fallujah today. The cache consisted of (7) RPG rounds, (1) rocket launcher, (2) unidentified rockets, (4) grenades, (1,500) machinegun rounds, a machinegun sighting system and several RPG igniters.

In addition, Marines and Soldiers from the 1st Marine Division of the I Marine Expeditionary Force detained 41 suspected insurgents and discovered several weapons caches during operations throughout Al Anbar Province over the last 48 hours.

The following weapons and munitions were discovered:

(12) RPG rounds

(13) RPG launchers

(1) RPG sight

(7) RPG boosters

(20) RPG fuses

(7) RPG propellants

(4) AK-47 assault rifles

(63) AK-47 magazines

(7) Rifles (various types)

(1) 9mm submachine gun with magazines

(1) RPK machinegun

(2) Machinegun sighting systems

(5,000) 8mm rounds

(14,000) 7.62mm rounds

(5) .50 caliber rounds

(5) Boxes of 14mm rounds

(200) 14.5mm rounds

(5) 20mm rounds

(15) Blasting caps

(4) Mortar fuses

(2) Rocket primers

(28) Mortar primers

(40) OG-9 rockets with propellants

(8) 60mm mortar tubes

(1) 80mm mortar tube

(84) 37mm rounds

(5) 55mm mortar rounds

(35) 57mm rounds

(31) 60mm mortar rounds

(1) Home-made 67mm flechette rocket system

(7) 68mm rockets

(4) 73mm rockets

(1) 81mm mortar round

(10) 120mm mortar rounds

(4) 122mm projectiles

(3) 152mm artillery rounds

(10) 155mm artillery rounds

(10) Artillery fuses

(18) Artillery boosters

(12) Grenades

(2) Projectiles, unknown size

(1) Block of TNT w/ blasting caps

(4) Bottles of gunpowder

(56) Sticks of PE-4 explosives

(4) Land mines

(6) Anti-personnel mines

(8) Gas masks

(96) Gas masks filters

Insurgent propaganda and equipment

IED making material

The 1st Marine Division of the I Marine Expeditionary Force is committed to assisting Iraqi Security Forces in enhancing a secure environment for the citizens of Al Anbar Province in advance of the Iraqi elections, which occur January 30.

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