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Tikrit ESU, Emergency Responders React to VCIED

Tikrit, Iraq
-- While patrolling the city, Iraqi Police reported to their Joint Coordination Center a suspicious vehicle was parked near the Tikrit Provincial police station about 9:20 a.m. on Jan. 11.

The Iraqi Police were preparing to investigate when the vehicle concealed improvised explosive device detonated.

Insurgents were targeting the Provincial Iraqi Police Station, which functions as the operations center for more than 300 local police officers and security forces, according to intelligence officials. They believe the VCIED was detonated prematurely, missing its intended target due to the aggressive patrolling of the Iraqi policemen.

Immediately after the explosion, Iraqi Security Forces and emergency response elements, including the Tikrit Emergency Services Unit, responded to the scene.

The Tikrit Fire Department responded to the scene with two fire engines and quickly neutralized the fire. The Tikrit emergency services conducted casualty evacuation of four injured Iraqi police officers to the Tikrit hospital for treatment.

Most significantly, the Tikrit ESU responded to the scene and secured the area, allowing the emergency responders to handle the situation without allowing it to get out of control.

These responders ensured casualties were evacuated and treated, vehicle wreckage removed and the street cleared for vehicle traffic very quickly.

The Tikrit Joint Coordination Center and Security Working Group, a group of local leaders, security leadership and Task Force Danger representatives, conducted a meeting to assess the response of the Tikrit security forces to improve their reaction for future situations.

Both the Tikrit ISF and emergency service personnel have conducted numerous emergency response exercises under the training of Task Force 1-18 Infantry in order to prepare for Iraqi control.

Their performance on Jan. 11 proved their training paid off. They responded quickly and professionally, sanitizing the scene of the attack and getting traffic running normally in less than an hour. (Story by Capt. Michael Prudhomme, Task Force 1-18 Infantry)

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