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Daily Operations Summary for January 6, 2005

Baghdad, Iraq
-- Today, Multi-National Forces (MNF) discovered and cleared 12 improvised explosive devices and nine weapons caches. MNF also conducted four cordon and searches and two raids of suspected Anti-Iraqi Forces facilities detaining 32 suspected AIF.

Multi-National Forces conducting route clearance near Baqubah discovered a stationary VBIED on the side of the road. The vehicle was secured and an explosive ordinance disposal team conducted a controlled detonation of the vehicle without incident.

Multi-National Forces near Abu Ghraib prison observed two individuals digging a hole, placing an object in the hole then covering it up. Because the event took place in daylight and in clear view of Multi-National Forces, it is suspected that the IED may have been bait for a trap. The decision was made to secure the area and wait until nightfall to eliminate the IED when there are fewer civilians in the vicinity.

In Musayyib, Multi-National Forces were stopped by a local citizen who reported seeing three armed insurgents placing an IED at his door the night before. The man disarmed the IED and turned it over to Multi-National Forces. He gave detailed descriptions of three vehicles that have been in the neighborhood the past few nights.

Multi-National Forces in North Babil, acting on information received from a weapons dealer captured the night before, captured two additional weapons dealers and their caches.

Iraqi Armed Forces conducting security patrols discovered a weapons cache in central Fallujah.

Multi-National Forces conducted a cordon and search operation leading to the detention of ten Anti-Iraqi Force personnel and a large cache of IED making materials near Baghdad.

In southern Mosul, Multi-National Forces collected a large cache of military equipment after a child approached Soldiers and turned it in.

Multi-National Forces continue to see an increase in the number of Iraqi civilians coming forward to report insurgent activity to local authorities.

In partnership with the Iraqi government, the Multi-National Forces conducts full spectrum counter-insurgency operations to isolate and neutralize former regime extremists and foreign terrorists. The MNF also organizes, trains and equips Iraqi security forces to create a security environment that allows all Iraqi people to live in peace

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