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41 Maoist killed, claims Army

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New Delhi, Jan 7, IRNA -- With a week to go before the Nepal 
government`s ultimatum to the Maoist insurgents expires, the army 
claimed it had inflicted severe losses on the underground guerrillas, 
recovering the bodies of 41 rebels with more suspected to have been 
The incident reportedly took place in the remote Kailali district 
in farwest Nepal, a troubled area in recent times with several clashes
taking place between security forces and the communist insurgents. 
According the media report, an army statement Wednesday evening 
said the bodies of 30 Maoists were killed in a double-pronged attack 
that deployed helicopters. 
This time security forces took the initiative, acting on a tip-off
that hundreds of rebels had gathered in a forest near Bankhet village 
in Musariya to launch a secret attack on the Sukkhad base camp of the 
army. The fight reportedly went on for over five hours, ending early 
Thursday morning. 
The state media, which has launched a propaganda war ever since 
Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba gave the Maoists till 13 January to 
resume peace talks, failing which the government would start 
preparations to hold general elections, has been reporting the death 
of nearly 150 rebels in the attack with no loss suffered by the 
security forces. 
However, in the nine years of the insurgency, the state media as 
well as army have often been caught giving inflated figures about the 
losses suffered by the rebels. Later, they were found to be 
substantially less by independent probes conducted by human right 
However, the army Thursday said it had recovered another 11 dead 
bodies, bringing the confirmed toll to 41. 

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