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U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)
News Release

  No. 021-05

Fiscal 2005 Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations Announced

The Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Michael Wynne announced the selection of new Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) projects for fiscal 2005.

The military services, combatant commanders, defense agencies and industry submitted almost 100 proposals. Representatives of the military services and major combatant commanders reviewed the list of proposals and provided their requirements for operational capabilities.

The ACTDs selected for initiation in fiscal 2005 in alphabetical order include:

  • Actionable Situational Awareness Pull: "Pull and tailor" relevant actionable information.
  • Chemical Unmanned Ground Reconnaissance: Detection at maneuver speeds, while protecting personnel.
  • Coalition Secure Management and Information System: Rapid role based secure release of command and control information among coalition partners.
  • Epidemic Outbreak Surveillance: Near real-time, presymptomatic diagnostic detection of pathogens.
  • Joint Coordinated Real Time Engagement: Joint real-time operations across multi-Combatant Commands, theaters and echelons.
  • Joint Enhanced Explosion Resistant Coating Exploitation: Protection against explosives and/or penetrating ordnance.
  • Joint Force Projection: Comprehensive end-to-end planning of joint deployment.
  • Medical Situational Awareness in Theater: Fusion of medical data and health threat intelligence.
  • Rapid Airborne Reporting & Exploitation: Target detection, identification and characterization.
  • Sea Talon: Undersea detection in littoral areas.
  • Sea Eagle: Monitoring of maritime areas.
  • SOCOM Long Endurance Demonstrator: Unmanned vehicle for vertical take off and landing with long.
  • Viper Strike: Precise targeting with minimal collateral damage.
  • TACSAT-2 Roadrunner: Responsive and affordable tactical satellites.
  • Weapons Data Link: Weapon re-targeting in flight.

The ACTD program aids in rapidly transitioning advanced technology into the hands of warfighters serving the unified commanders.

Marrying new operational concepts with maturing technologies in a joint environment, ACTDs reduce the time required to field new systems and increase user involvement in system design and integration.

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