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Sweeping Operations Net More Weapons Caches

Camp Blue Diamond, Iraq
- Reconnaissance Marines from the 1st Marine Division of the I Marine Expeditionary Force discovered weapons caches Jan. 1 and 2 during sweeping operations near Abu Ghraib.

The following munitions were discovered and destroyed:

25 x 122mm rockets

1 x large bomb, unknown size

1 x 122mm mortar round

53 x 14.5mm rounds

1 x can of 14.5mm linked rounds

7 x 60 mm mortar rounds

21 x rifle grenades

1 x RPG booster

2 x 120mm illumination rounds

12 x 120mm high-explosive rounds

1,600 x 7.62 rounds

1 x 60mm mortar tube

1 x 120mm mortar tube

113 x RPG rounds

4 x RPG practice rounds

2 x RPG launchers

3 x RPG propellant charges

16 x trip flares

39 x POP MN2 mines

15 x POP MN2 primers

127 x Weston Flash generator cartridges

The seizure and subsequent destruction of the weapons caches reduces anti-Iraqi forces' access to weapons and munitions. The Marines, Soldiers and Sailors of the 1st Marine Division continue to enhance security and stability in the Al Anbar Province for the Iraqi people in advance of the upcoming elections.

Release #050102l

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