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Ugandans get air power lesson

by Capt. Elizabeth Aptekar
U.S. Air Forces in Europe Public Affairs

12/9/2004 - JINJA, Uganda (AFPN)  -- The U.S. Air Forces in Europe commander addressed the first class of Ugandan Senior Command and Staff College attendees here Dec. 2 during the course's air power week.

As the guest lecturer, Gen. Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong talked about issues ranging from air and space power to leadership and how the miracle of freedom motivates countries to work together toward a common good.

The general emphasized the importance of developing future leaders through professional military education. He also told the students that those leaders must develop a force that remains relevant as worldwide threats continue to evolve.

The event was part of a USAFE Theater Security Cooperation visit, Uganda being the first of three stops.

"I was pretty excited about being part of the inaugural class and having the opportunity to discuss, not only on a regional basis, but a global basis, issues that will face all of us in this war on terrorism," General Foglesong said. "It's clear that Uganda's made a decision for its military to invest in their future -- the amount of resources that they're putting into this institution will pay off greatly in years ahead as these men who are here today migrate to higher positions in leadership in their military."

The class is made up of more than 30 military officers ranging from senior colonels to three-star generals.

The students also shared their enthusiasm about the visitor.

"The lecture today could not have come at a better time," said Kenyan Brig. Gen. Osborn Lwoyelo, military training assistance to Uganda team leader. "We are winding up on air operations and getting information directly from an experienced lecturer -- visiting with us is most appreciated because it puts us on the world map. It also motivates us to know that there are other people out there who also care about us."

The composition of this class will shape how business will be done in the future, said Ugandan Maj. Gen. Ivan Koreta, the course's commandant.

"We are moving toward regional integration, and this class is going to spearhead that," General Koreta said. "This visit gives us a lot of encouragement -- that a senior officer from the United States military considers us worth a visit and shares views with us."

The purpose of the 46-week course is to instill leadership knowledge and skills to enable officers to execute higher responsibility in command and staff positions. It covers the art and science of war, relationships between services and national, regional and global challenges.

"We want this course to be the one course that all officers would want to definitely (attend)," General Koreta said. "Having the senior commanders and generals attending shows the example which leads the way.

"I'm always happy to meet fellow warriors and friends of Uganda," the general said. "We consider the U.S. military our friends and hope that we get to build stronger relationships for the better." (Courtesy of USAFE News Service)

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