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Iraqi Security Forces, Task Force 1-18 conduct 'Mandarin Squeeze'

Tikrit, Iraq
-- The Tikrit Iraqi National Police and Emergency Service Unit, 201st Iraqi National Guard, and Task Force 1-18 conducted Operation Mandarin Squeeze on Oct. 14.

This operation was a cordon and search in the highest urban concentration of Tikrit. Its purpose was threefold: deny insurgents sanctuary, promote the Tikrit job corps program, and assess essential services.

The area searched also has a large population of former military members.

The operation was specifically designed to maintain momentum in Tikrit, clearly sending insurgents the message there is no sanctuary here.

More than 600 homes were searched and more than 150 job corps cards were handed out. The job corps card can be exchanged for an employment opportunity in the city.

The people's overall reaction to this operation was extremely positive. In many cases, the residents invited Soldiers into their homes for tea. The people of Tikrit want peace and stability and realize that the presence of insurgents in their neighborhoods inhibits progress.

The operation gave local citizens confidence in their Iraqi Security Forces.

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