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2ID brigade launches 'Opearation Bulldog' in Ramadi

By Sgt. 1st Class Brian C. Sutton

RAMADI, Iraq (Army News Service, Oct. 6, 2004) - Soldiers who deployed to Iraq from Korea a month ago began a sweeping operation in Ar-Ramadi Sept. 30 to deny anti-coalition forces safe haven, round up suspected anti-coalition leaders, and find weapons caches.

This is the third brigade-level operation in as many weeks, officials said, with the goal of increasing the security environment for the residents of Ar-Ramadi by keeping enemy forces on the run.

`Not another Fallujah'

"We will not abandon Iraqi cities and see them suffer the same fate as Fallujah," said Warrant Officer Christopher B. Wallitsch, targeting officer for the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. "We are determined to maintain our foothold in this city and drive out those who choose to disrupt peace and stability here."

This operation closely follows Operation Longhorn, last week's operation that officials said was successful in routing insurgents and criminal fighters in the city. This operation, named Operation Bulldog, netted 75 anti-coalition fighters, as well as scores of ammunition, weapons systems, maps, and communications equipment.

"This brigade combat team will remain relentless in its pursuit of fighters in this city who are targeting the peaceful residents to instill fear within them," said Wallitsch. "We will not stand for that and we are taking every measure necessary to deny those fighters a safe haven from which to operate."

Marines, Iraqis fighting joint effort

The units fighting on the ground continue to work with Iraqi and multinational forces to bring peace to Ramadi, officials said.

"We can't do it alone," said Wallitsch. "It will take a consistent, coordinated effort between all friendly forces in the area to improve the safety and security of Ramadi."

The 2nd Brigade Combat team, although an Army unit, is assigned to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Blue Diamond, Iraq, and is augmented with a Marine infantry battalion.

2ID brigade being restationed

The 2nd BCT deployed from the Republic of Korea in August to replace 1st Infantry Division, which was operating in the Ramadi area for one year.

The Army recently announced the 2nd BCT will not return to its home station of Korea after its tour in Iraq is finished in one year. Instead, the brigade will be restationed at Fort Carson, Colo.


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