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30 July 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

Defense Policy / Programs

  • First Combatant Status Tribunal Conducted at Guantanamo Today 30 Jul 2004 -- The Department of Defense conducted the first Combatant Status Review Tribunal today for detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This tribunal is a fact based administrative proceeding to determine if the detainee is properly classified as an enemy combatant and to present each detainee the opportunity to contest such designation as an enemy combatant.
  • Special Department of Defense Briefing with Navy Secretary Gordon England 30 Jul 2004
  • Combatant Status Tribunal Implementation Guidance Issued 30 Jul 2004 -- Last night the Secretary of the Navy Gordon H. England issued the implementation guidance for the Combatant Status Review Tribunal Procedures for enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. England was appointed by Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to operate and oversee the process.

  • Liaison officers provide link to Naval airpower during JEFX AFPN 30 Jul 2004 -- For Sailors, it is not the typical tour of duty - witnessing rows of Airmen dimly outlined against the faint glow of computer screens requesting Naval airpower for a coordinated strike against enemy assets.
  • DoD Releases Annual Report on "Procurement From Small and other Business Firms" 30 Jul 2004 -- Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Michael W. Wynne today released the Department of Defense annual report on "Procurement from Small and Other Business Firms" for fiscal 2003.
  • Guard Seeks Stabilization Guarantee to Attract Recruits AFPS 30 Jul 2004 -- The Army National Guard is seeking permission to "stabilize" prior-service enlistees for a year after they join the unit, said Brig. Gen. Frank Grass, the deputy director of the Army National Guard.
  • Powell Flags Issues for Study in Saudi Muslim-Force Initiative Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell outlined some of the issues that would have to be addressed prior to implementation of the Saudi initiative to assemble an all-Muslim force to contribute to security operations in Iraq.

  • EAST ASIA'S 'LARGE-SCALE WAR GAMES' SPUR WARNINGS OF 'ESCALATION' US Dept. of State IIP, Foreign Media Reaction 30 Jul 2004

  • U.S. Welcomes NATO Decision to Train Iraqi Security Forces Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- The United States has welcomed NATO's agreement to establish a Training Implementation Mission in Iraq. NATO's July 30 announcement regarding the new mission follows up on a commitment made by NATO leaders at the organization's June summit in Istanbul.
  • NATO / IRAQ UPDATE VOA 30 Jul 2004 -- NATO has agreed to begin training Iraqi security forces next month but has postponed until September a decision on whether the alliance's mission should come under the U.S.-led coalition. The deal, reached after three days of negotiations, overcame for the time being, a dispute between France and the United States about the relationship between the NATO unit and coalition forces.
  • NATO Announces Proposal to Train Iraqi Security Forces Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer announced that the alliance has reached an agreement to coordinate training for Iraqi security forces.
  • NATO / IRAQ VOA 30 Jul 2004 -- NATO's secretary general was making a last-ditch effort Friday to break a deadlock between France and the United States on how the alliance can fulfill its promise to train the new Iraqi government's security forces. The stumbling block is whether or not the training mission should be linked through the chain of command to the U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq.

  • State Department Noon Briefing, July 30 Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- Secretary Powell's schedule, Uzbekistan, Libya, Venezuela, Sudan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Iraq
  • White House Daily Briefing, July 30 Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- President's schedule, Kerry's speech, election campaign, budget deficit, 9/11 Commission Report, week ahead

Defense Industry

  • Submarine Virginia Completes First Voyage General Dynamics 30 Jul 2004 -- Virginia (SSN-774), the nation’s newest and most advanced nuclear-powered attack submarine, returned to the Electric Boat shipyard here today following the successful completion of its first voyage in open seas, called “alpha sea trials.” Virginia is the lead ship of the most capable class of attack submarines ever built; it will be delivered to the U.S. Navy this fall. Electric Boat is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).
  • Northrop Grumman Continues to Beat Delivery Schedule for Components for Navy EA-6B Prowler Aircraft Northrop Grumman 30 Jul 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) today delivered the 75th EA-6B Prowler aircraft wing center section to the U.S. Navy five months ahead of schedule. The delivery is a milestone in the Navy's plan to replace wing center sections on its fleet of high-demand, carrier-based electronic attack aircraft to ensure their availability to support the nation's global war on terrorism.

Other Conflicts

  • UN / SUDAN VOA 30 Jul 2004 -- The United Nations Security Council has approved a resolution calling on the Sudanese government to disarm Arab militias carrying out attacks in Sudan's western Darfur region. The resolution paves the way for possible sanctions against the Sudanese government if it does not comply within 30 days.
  • Sudan must act on Darfur in 30 days or face measures, Security Council warns UN News Centre 30 Jul 2004 -- The Security Council today adopted a resolution paving the way for action against Sudan in 30 days if it does not make progress on pledges to disarm the militias accused of indiscriminate murders, rapes and other attacks against civilians in the Darfur region - a move that was welcomed immediately by Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
  • Sudan "on Notice" to Act Now in Darfur, Danforth Says Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- With the adoption of a strong resolution demanding Sudan disarm the Jinjaweit militia, the Security Council has put the government "on notice that it must fulfill the commitments it made," U.S. Ambassador John Danforth said July 30.
  • U.N. Security Council Demands Sudan Act to Protect Darfur Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- Condemning the violence and human rights abuses against the people of Sudan's Darfur region, the Security Council July 30 adopted a resolution demanding that Sudan disarm the implicated Jinjaweit militia and fully protect civilians or face the possibility of Article 41 sanctions.
  • Security Council Demands Immediate Action By Sudan on Darfur Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- The Security Council July 30 adopted a resolution condemning attacks on civilians by the Jinjaweit in Darfur and demanded Sudan disarm the militias and arrest their leaders.
  • SUDAN/ACCRA SUMMIT VOA 30 Jul 2004 -- The heads of state of 13 African nations and United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan veered away from the intended topic of Ivory Coast at their summit in Accra, Ghana, Friday to discuss the deteriorating situation in Sudan.
  • SUDAN: More civilians displaced in continuing attacks by militias in Darfur IRIN 30 Jul 2004 -- Continuing violence in the troubled Darfur region of western Sudan has displaced more civilians at a time when delivery of aid to remote villages has become more difficult, and some of those displaced are now surviving on wild food and grasshoppers, relief agencies said.

  • Annan's summit on troubled Côte d'Ivoire meets for an extra day UN News Centre 30 Jul 2004 -- A summit convened in Ghana by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan to try to heal the bitter divisions in post-conflict Côte d'Ivoire met for an extra day today, holding closed-door talks on the West African country's constitution with Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo and Prime Minister Seydou Diarra.
  • Imaging Technology Aids Humanitarian Efforts in Chad, U.N. Says Washington File 30 Jul 2004 -- The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reports July 30 that the transfer of refugees is complete from volatile Chad-Sudan border towns to the relative safety of camps in the region.
  • CONGO/UN VOA 30 Jul 2004 -- The U-N Security Council Thursday approved a two-month extension of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The move has raised hopes that the coming months will be spent overhauling the troubled mission and approving more troops and a rapid reaction force to stamp out conflict.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 30 Jul 2004 -- Israeli forces shot and killed four Palestinians they said were attempting to plant explosives on Friday near a border fence separating Gaza from the Jewish state. The shootings came hours after Palestinian militants fired rockets from Gaza into Israel.
  • Georgia: Fighting Leaves Several Wounded In South Ossetia RFE/RL 30 Jul 2004 -- Tension between Georgia and its separatist republic of South Ossetia heightened on today, with both sides blaming each other for a night of gunfire in the so-called "conflict zone." The shootout is one of the most serious incidents in the region since Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili vowed to restore control over the breakaway province.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 30 Jul 2004 -- NATO tries to overcome French objections to U.S. command of NATO training force for Iraqis / U.S. naval base in Greece joins Olympic intelligence network / Aid groups criticize draft UN resolution on Sudan; warn situation in Darfur is deteriorating / Pakistan captures one of most wanted al Qaeda men
  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 30 Jul 2004 -- divides halt key Iraq meeting / Worsening security in Afghanistan underscores need for bigger NATO role / Belgrade tells Kosovo Serbs to boycott vote

  • Amazonas satellite ready for launch EADS 30 Jul 2004 -- Designed and built by EADS Astrium for HISPASAT the Amazonas spacecraft is scheduled for launch on 5 August at 4:34 (0:34 CET time) on a Proton M Breeze M launch vehicle .

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