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27 July 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 27 Jul 2004 [PDF]
  • DoD Identifies Marine Casualty

  • MARINES SEIZE OVER 200 MORTAR ROUNDS IN AL ANBAR TRUCK SEARCH CENTCOM 27 Jul 2004 -- Marines from the 1st Marine Division interdicted a record number of mortar rounds Monday, successfully preventing the transit of lethal weapons that are employed daily in attacks against both Iraqi and Coalition Forces.
  • Iraqi Forces Conduct Raid; U.S. Soldiers, Marines Seize Weapons AFPS 27 Jul 2004 -- Iraqi security forces conducted a raid on the home of an individual suspected of making improvised explosive devices this morning, according to a Multinational Force Iraq release.

  • AFGHANISTAN / POLITICS VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- A spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai says the country's powerful defense minister is not resigning and has denied any rift between the two men. The U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan says he is ready to help ease any tensions within the transitional government.
  • Analysis: New Challenge To Karzai In Afghanistan RFE/RL 27 Jul 2004 -- Just a few days ago, Transitional Administration Chairman Hamid Karzai's victory in Afghanistan's presidential elections in October appeared all but certain. Karzai has led the country since the fall of the Taliban almost three years ago and has strong international and domestic backing.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • CSA: Army on target with force growth, transformation Army News Service 27 Jul 2004 -- The Army is on track in its efforts to temporarily grow the active force by 30,000 Soldiers as it restructures into modular brigade combat team units of action, or BCT (UA)s, Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker said.
  • Experiment testing new data system AFPN 27 Jul 2004 -- The Data Link Automated Reporting System is set to be one of the revolutionary initiatives tested here during the Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2004.
  • New Coastal Warfare Squadron Commissioned Navy Newsstand 27 Jul 2004 -- A new port security and harbor defense force was stood up July 24 to support the ongoing global war on terrorism.
  • Transfer of French Detainees Complete 27 Jul 2004 -- The Department of Defense announced today that it transferred four detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the control of the government of France.These detainees are French nationals.
  • FRANCE / GUANTANAMO VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- Four of the seven French citizens held at the U.S. military detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been handed over to French authorities and flown to France. The men were immediately taken into custody and face interrogation by France's top anti-terrorist judge.
  • U.S. Releases French Suspects From Guantanamo Prison RFE/RL 27 Jul 2004 -- The French Foreign Ministry says the United States has handed over four French detainees from the Guantanamo Bay prison complex in Cuba.

  • Stay the Course in Iraq, Afghanistan, Powell Urges Hungarians Washington File 27 Jul 2004 -- The U.S.-led coalition "did the right thing" by removing Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, Secretary of State Colin Powell told a conference of Hungarian ambassadors accredited to nations throughout the world in Budapest, Hungary, July 27.
  • Powell Urges Coalition Resolve in Iraq, Afghanistan Washington File 27 Jul 2004 -- The people of Iraq and Afghanistan "are preparing for free and fair and open elections. But what they need is security," Secretary of State Colin Powell said in an interview on Hungarian Television in Budapest July 27.
  • U.S. Forces Moving Out of Seoul by End of 2008 AFPS 27 Jul 2004 -- U.S. and Korean officials have agreed on a plan to move all 8,000 American troops out of Seoul and its suburbs by December 2008. The forces will be relocated to south of the Han River in the Pyongtaek area, roughly 50 miles south of Seoul.
  • Defense Financial Management System Upgrade Reduces Costs AFPS 27 Jul 2004 -- The Defense Finance and Accounting Service completed an upgrade to the Defense Industrial Financial Management System on July 18. The upgrade will reduce annual information-processing costs by $11.1 million, or 56 percent of previous costs.
  • Cheney Calls Terrorists 'Enemy We Must Vanquish' AFPS 27 Jul 2004 -- Vice President Dick Cheney said the terrorist threat does not represent a "foe we can reason with or negotiate with or appease. This is, to put it simply, an enemy that we must vanquish."
  • Future Warrior Exhibits Super Powers AFPS 27 Jul 2004 -- The Army's future soldier will resemble something out of a science fiction movie, members of Congress witnessed at a demonstration on Capitol Hill July 23.

  • SOUTH KOREA MILITARY VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- South Korea's Defense Minister has offered to resign, following the leak of sensitive information about a naval clash with North Korea a few weeks ago. It appears the Ministry misrepresented key facts surrounding that skirmish.

  • Kyiv Says No Change In NATO, EU Policy RFE/RL 27 Jul 2004 -- Kyiv said today it has not changed its policy toward NATO and the EU despite substituting a new goal of "deepening" its relations with the blocs for its earlier goal of "joining" them.

  • State Department Noon Briefing, July 27 Washington File 27 Jul 2004 -- Announcement of transfer of French Nationals from Guantanamo, Iraq, Sudan, Israel/Palestinians, Greece, Middle East/Powell's travel stops, Cuba, Iran, China

Defense Industry

  • Northrop Grumman-led Team Wins Army Chemical Agent Detector Contract Northrop Grumman 27 Jul 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has been selected by the U.S. Army to provide a chemical-agent threat-warning system officially known as the Commercial Joint Service Lightweight Standoff Chemical Agent Detector.
  • Northrop Grumman, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace to Explore Opportunities for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Work Northrop Grumman 27 Jul 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA) of Norway have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly identify and develop potential opportunities for KDA to produce composite parts and subassemblies for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. Northrop Grumman is responsible for design and integration of the F-35's center fuselage, a major section of the aircraft.
  • Saudi Arabia awards Thales a contract worth 340 million euros Thales 27 Jul 2004 -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Defense has awarded Thales a contract for the logistic support of the Royal Saudi Arabia Defense Forces' (RSADF) Crotale and Shahine air defence systems.
  • CACI Rejects Lawsuit as Slanderous and Ludicrous CACI 27 Jul 2004 -- CACI International Inc (NYSE:CAI) today issued the following statement: Today, a consortium of opportunistic lawyers filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C. The suit wrongfully alleges CACI employees participated in the abuse and torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.
  • Lockheed Martin Marks Major Milestone At West Coast Atlas V Launch Pad Lockheed Martin 27 Jul 2004 -- Lockheed Martin marked a major milestone in its drive to complete the West Coast Atlas V launch facility with the arrival early this morning of the fourth and final fixed launch platform (FLP) segment at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. The entire 250-ton FLP structure was shipped over-the-road in four separate sections on a 3,500-mile journey from the Sauer, Inc. fabrication facility in Oak Hill, Fla., to Space Launch Complex 3 East (SLC-3E) overlooking California’s central coast.

Other Conflicts

  • Official Rebuts Charge U.S. Seeks to Topple Khartoum Regime Washington File 27 Jul 2004 -- In an escalating war of words between Sudanese and U.S. officials over the Darfur crisis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Charles Snyder dismissed a statement by Sudan's envoy at a recent Africa Union (AU) meeting that the United States seeks to topple his government as having no foundation.
  • Darfur Will Need Long-Term Assistance, USAID's Winter Predicts Washington File 27 Jul 2004 -- The crisis in Darfur is one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the world today, and the region will require substantial help from the international community for at least 18 months to help the affected population recover, a senior U.S. official said in a July 26 interview with the Washington File.
  • SUDAN: Group reviews government's promise to disarm militias IRIN 27 Jul 2004 -- An observer group comprising UN staff, Sudanese officials and representatives of other countries is visiting western Sudan's troubled Darfur region to see whether Khartoum is keeping a promise to disarm militias accused of committing atrocities against civilians.
  • White House Report, July 26: Sudan Washington File 26 Jul 2004 -- "Ending the violence in Darfur is one of the president's highest priorities," White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan told reporters July 26 in Crawford, Texas.
  • DARFUR / U.S VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- .S. officials Tuesday stepped up their calls for quick Sudanese action to relieve the humanitarian disaster in the vast western province of Darfur where pro-government militias continue to terrorize local people.
  • POWELL / SUDAN / EGYPT VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell says he thinks momentum is building behind a draft U.N. Security Council resolution that would impose sanctions on Sudan unless it cracks down on violence in its western Darfur region. He says outside military intervention in Darfur would be problematic.
  • COTE D IVOIRE-SUDAN: Annan to discuss Sudan with African leaders in Accra on Thursday IRIN 27 Jul 2004 -- United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan will discuss the crisis in western Sudan's Darfur region with African leaders at a summit in Ghana on Thursday, the Nigerian government said on Monday.

  • Security Council reaffirms arms embargo in new resolution on DR of Congo UN News Centre 27 Jul 2004 -- The United Nations Security Council today renewed its arms embargo against irregular forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) until July of next year "in light of the failure by the parties to comply" with previous demands and it called for the re-establishment of an expert group to analyze any further violations.
  • BURUNDI / ZUMA UPDATE VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma left Burundi Tuesday after failing to convince the country's Tutsi political parties to accept his blueprint for ending Burundi's 11-year civil war. Meanwhile, Burundi's largest Hutu rebel faction says it has ended a three-month boycott of the transitional government.
  • ISRAEL / LEBANON VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- Israel's head of military intelligence has warned that the militant Islamic group Hezbollah in Lebanon has long-range rockets capable of striking Tel Aviv and other targets deep inside Israel. The warning follows renewed fighting along the border in recent weeks between Hezbollah and Israeli forces.
  • PALESTINIANS / POLITICS VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia has withdrawn his resignation following crisis talks with President Yasser Arafat. Mr. Qureia says he will work with Mr. Arafat to help end the political unrest in the Gaza Strip.
  • BURUNDI / ZUMA VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma is leaving Burundi after failing to convince the country's Tutsi political parties to accept his blueprint for ending Burundi's 11-year civil war.
  • Basaev Claims Responsibility For Ingush Raids RFE/RL 27 Jul 2004 -- A key Chechen separatist commander has claimed responsibility for last month's raids on Russian government targets in Ingushetia.
  • INDIA/CHINA TALKS VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- India and China have ended two days of talks on a boundary dispute that has troubled relations between the two countries for decades.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 27 Jul 2004 -- Afghan president drops key warlord from his election ticket / United States presses NATO for quick decision on training Iraqi military / NATO approves Greek request 'in principle' for additional counterterrorism help with Olympics / EU urges UN to consider sanctions on Sudan
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 27 Jul 2004 -- NATO military HQ targeted by terror threat / Al-Qaeda bankrolls Afghan attacks / NATO, UN accused of failing Kosovo minorities

  • State Dept. Official Defends Level of U.S. Support for Haiti Washington File 27 Jul 2004 -- Roger Noriega, the U.S. State Department's top policymaker for the Western Hemisphere, has taken issue with a recent Washington Post editorial charging that the Bush administration has not done enough to help improve the lives of the Haitian people.
  • THAILAND / BURMA VOA 27 Jul 2004 -- Thai officials plan to call for Burma's military government to release democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi at a regional economic summit this week. As Ron Corben reports from Bangkok, analysts remain pessimistic because Burma has never carried out early promises to free the head of the National League for Democracy.

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