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27 May 2004 Military News

Defense Policy / Programs
Defense Industry
Other Conflicts
News Reports

Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 27 May 2004 [PDF]
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualties
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty
  • DoD Identifies Marine Casualties

  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing 27 May 2004 -- Brigadier General Mark Kimmit, Deputy Director for Coalition Operations; and Dan Senor, Senior Advisor, CPA
  • SOLDIERS RAKE IN CACHE CENTCOM Release 27 May 2004-- 1st Infantry Division battalions seized more than 1,000 munitions found in several caches near Tikrit May 25 and 26.
  • MARINES EMBARK ON CLEAN WATER PROJECT FOR RAMADI CENTCOM Release 27 May 2004-- Civil Affairs representatives from the 1st Marine Division and Navy Seabees signed a $3.2 million contract for the Al Jazeera Water Project in Ramadi.
  • Artillerymen guard governor in Najaf Army News Service 27 May 2004-- A field artillery battery has been tasked with the unique mission of guarding the An Najaf governor's compound and protecting the governor's life.
  • IRAQ / WRAP VOA 27 May 2004 -- The U-S-led military coalition in Iraq has agreed to suspend offensive operations in Najaf, after Iraqi leaders struck a deal with radical Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr. A member of Iraq's Governing Council escaped unharmed when her convoy was ambushed traveling from Najaf to Baghad.
  • U.S. Is Hopeful For Iraqi-Brokered Najaf, Kufa Peace Deal AFPS 27 May 2004 -- A Coalition Provisional Authority official today said he is hopeful about an Iraqi-to-Iraqi-brokered agreement designed to end fighting in the cities of Najaf and Kufa.
  • U.S. Confirms Suspension Of Offensive In Iraqi City RFE/RL 27 May 2004 -- The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq today confirmed that U.S. forces have suspended offensive operations against militiamen loyal to Shi'a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in the Iraqi holy city of Al-Najaf.
  • IRAQ / TRUCE VOA 27 May 2004 -- The U-S-led coalition in Iraq has agreed to suspend offensive operations against the militia of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in Najaf. The deal was mediated by senior Shiite leaders and Iraq's national security adviser.
  • Al-Sadr Proposes Peace Deal In Iraq, But Status Uncertain RFE/RL 27 May 2004 -- Radical Iraqi Shi'a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr today offered to withdraw his militiamen from Al-Najaf as part of a new offer to end his uprising. The news came amid reports that mainstream Shi'a leaders are putting heavy pressure on al-Sadr to resolve a crisis that has disrupted normal life in Shi'a shrine cities.

  • Afghanistan's stability hinges on international security assistance - UN official UN News Centre 27 May 2004 -- Afghanistan needs international support to emerge from decades of war, tackle resurgent militias sabotaging peace efforts, and hold credible elections in September, a senior United Nations official said today.
  • AFGHANISTAN ELECTIONS VOA 27 May 2004 -- Afghanistan has approved a new election law, marking another step toward choosing its first elected government in two decades. V-O-A's Michael Kitchen reports from neighboring Pakistan, the new regulations attempt to curb the influence of warlords in the coming vote.
  • EU Says Coalition Putting Afghan Aid Workers At Risk RFE/RL 27 May 2004 -- The European Commission said today that "certain elements" with the U.S.-led coalition forces in Afghanistan engage in practices that blur the distinction between combatants and humanitarian-aid workers who must be seen as neutral.

  • U-S PAKISTAN BORDER VOA 27 May 2004 -- Pakistani and U-S military officials have met to discuss alleged incursions by U-S troops from Afghanistan into Pakistan.

  • U.S. Marines Plan to Leave Haiti by End of June Washington File 27 May 2004 -- About 1,900 U.S. Marines who are part of a United Nations multinational interim peacekeeping force in Haiti plan to depart the Caribbean nation by the end of June, says the U.S. Department of Defense.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • NAVY'S SMALLEST IMAGE-GUIDED MISSILE COMPLETES SUCCESSFUL TESTS NAVAIR Release 28 May 2004--In the California desert, under a glaring mid-morning sun, Spike-the world's smallest image-guided, fire-and-forget missile-accomplished its first controlled flights on May 26, 2004.
  • Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee Statement Received 27 May 2004 -- The Department of Defense announced today that the secretary of defense has received the final report of the Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee (TAPAC), chartered in February 2003. TAPAC was charged with advising the secretary on the protection of personal privacy during the pursuit of technological solutions to identify terrorists and prevent terrorist attacks against the United States.
  • Navy Announces Flight 0 Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Contract Option Awards 27 May 2004 -- Lockheed Martin Corporation - Maritime Systems & Sensors, Moorestown, N.J. ($46,501,821) and General Dynamics - Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine ($78,798,188) are each being awarded contract options for final system design with options for detail design and construction of up to two Flight 0 Littoral Combat Ships (LCS).
  • Cole Returns From Deployment Navy Newsstand 27 May 2004-- USS Cole (DDG 67) returned to its homeport of Norfolk, Va., May 27.
  • F-16 technology links allied nations' aircraft AFPN 27 May 2004-- Warriors in future conflicts will see United States and coalition nations sharing more of the battlefield load thanks to U.S. and allied countries' F-16 Fighting Falcons getting an upgraded software program.
  • Yokota C-130 helps rescue six lost at sea AFPN 27 May 2004-- A C-130 Hercules aircrew from the 36th Airlift Squadron here helped a search-and-rescue mission May 21 when they spotted a missing 20-foot Micronesian sailing vessel about 120 miles off of the coast of Guam.
  • SENIOR ARMY SIGNAL LEADERS ASK SOLDIERS OF V CORPS' 22ND SIGNAL BRIGADE TO SHARE IN TRANSFORMATION V Corps Release [PDF] 27 May 2004-- Brig. Gen. Janet A. Hicks stood before assembled formations of officers, NCOs and enlisted Soldiers from V Corps' 22nd Signal Brigade and listened to their comments and suggestions, exchanged ideas with them, and perhaps most importantly, listened to them.
  • 4th Unit of Action activated at Stewart Army News Service 27 May 2004-- The 3rd Infantry Division activated its 4th Unit of Action in a ceremony May 26 at Fort Stewart.

  • Eritrea Values Anti-Terrorism Partnership With U.S. Washington File 27 May 2004 -- Eritrea's Ambassador Girma Asmerom wants Americans to know that his country places great value on its anti-terrorism partnership with the United States and plans to do all in its power to support President Bush's efforts to build a worldwide coalition against killer networks like al Qaeda.

  • State Department Noon Briefing, May 27 Washington File 27 May 2004 -- Powell/Democracy in Venezuela, Venezuela, UN/Iraq, Iran, Turkey, China/Taiwan, Iraq, Brazil, Sweden/Egypt, Israel/Palestinians
  • White House Daily Briefing, May 27 Washington File 27 May 2004 -- President's schedule, Bush meeting with President Flores of El Salvador, budget, war on terrorism/threat, NATO/Iraq, Great Britain/arrest of Abu Hamza, UN/Brahimi/Iraqi interim government, Ridge/threat level

Defense Industry

  • General Dynamics Selected for Final-Design Stage of Littoral Combat Ship Program General Dynamics 27 May 2004 -- The U.S. Navy announced today that a team led by Bath Iron Works, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), has been awarded a $79 million option to an existing contract to continue development of its proposed solution for the U.S. Navy’s newest class of ships, the Littoral Combat Ship. The original contract was awarded in July, 2003.
  • Lockheed Martin Team is Selected to Build the First Littoral Combat Ship Lockheed Martin 27 May 2004 -- The Lockheed Martin team has been awarded a contract to complete the final design of the U.S. Navy's new Littoral Combat Ship, a revolutionary naval combatant designed to dominate the world's coastal waters. The contract, which includes options to build two "Flight 0" ships, is valued at $423 million. The LCS provides the Navy with fast, maneuverable and shallow draft ships aimed at maximizing mission flexibility.
  • Lockheed Martin Increases JASSM Missile Production in Troy, Alabama Lockheed Martin 27 May 2004 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] and members of the Department of Defense celebrated the expansion of the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) production facility today at its Pike County Operations in Troy, AL. The expansion allows JASSM production to increase to a rate of 40 missiles per month.
  • Lockheed Martin Receives $9 Million U.S. Navy Contract to Integrate Organic Airborne Mine Countermeasures Lockheed Martin 27 May 2004 -- Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] received a $9 million contract to continue its integration of five airborne mine countermeasures systems, giving U.S. Navy MH-60S helicopters a fully coordinated capability to detect and neutralize mines.
  • Northrop Grumman Delivers 20th Aegis Destroyer Northrop Grumman 27 May 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) commemorated delivery of the U.S. Navy Aegis guided missile destroyer, Chung-Hoon (DDG 93), on May 24 during a ceremony aboard ship at the company's Pascagoula facility.
  • Northrop Grumman's Defense Travel System Improves Implementation Process Northrop Grumman 27 May 2004 -- The Defense Travel System (DTS), designed and developed by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC), has been enhanced with two new tools to make implementing the system easier and quicker for travel administrators at hundreds of military sites.
  • Northrop Grumman Awarded $100.4 Million for LPD 22 Advance Procurement Northrop Grumman 27 May 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NOC) has been awarded $100.4 million by the U.S. Navy for advance procurement of long-lead time materials for San Diego (LPD 22), the sixth amphibious transport dock ship in the transformational San Antonio class LPD 17 program.
  • Northrop Grumman Begins Range-Testing Advanced Radar for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Northrop Grumman 27 May 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) has begun rooftop integration range-testing of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's fire control radar, which features an active electronically scanned array (AESA) that enables near-simultaneous performance of multiple radar functions.
  • First Raytheon ASTOR Aircraft for the U.K. Completes its Initial Flight Raytheon 27 May 2004 -- Taking to the air for the first time since its modification from a Bombardier Global Express to a Sentinel R Mk 1, the first ASTOR (Airborne Stand-Off Radar) aircraft flew on May 26 for 4.4 hours. The flight was made from the L-3 Integrated Systems facility in Greenville, Texas, where the modification and integration work has been carried out under Raytheon's direction.
  • Raytheon Delivers First Production Tactical Tomahawk Cruise Missile Raytheon 27 May 2004 -- Raytheon Company has delivered to the U.S. Navy the first production model of the next-generation Tactical Tomahawk (Tomahawk Block IV) cruise missile at the company's Missile Systems operations.

Other Conflicts

  • U-S-SUDAN-DARFUR VOA 27 May 2004 -- The U-S State Department's chief diplomat for Africa says he's optimistic the protocols on the Sudanese civil war signed Wednesday will lead swiftly to a final, comprehensive peace package and also favorably affect the humanitarian crisis in Sudan's western Darfur region. Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Charles Snyder briefed reporters Thursday on his return from the north-south Sudanese peace talks in Kenya.
  • Africa: Sudan's Peace Deal Unlikely To Avert Humanitarian Disaster In Darfur RFE/RL 27 May 2004 -- The Sudanese government has signed agreements with rebels in the south of the country aimed at bringing an end to their decades-old conflict. But experts say the agreement is unlikely to avert one of the world's worst humanitarian crises in Sudan's western region of Darfur, where a separate crisis continues.
  • SUDAN: Gov't, rebels sign landmark protocols IRIN 27 May 2004 -- The Sudanese government and the main rebel group, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), signed three key protocols in the Kenyan town of Naivasha on Wednesday evening, bringing them one step closer to a comprehensive peace agreement.

  • DRC-RWANDA: Fighting breaks out in Bukavu IRIN 27 May 2004 -- Two people were killed on Wednesday after fighting broke out in the eastern town of Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), between soldiers loyal to the Kinshasa government and renegade soldiers of a former Rwandan-backed rebel group in the country, a UN official told IRIN on Thursday.
  • ISRAEL / DISENGAGEMENT VOA 27 May 2004 -- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's revised plan to pull out of Gaza and small parts of the West Bank is being presented to cabinet ministers.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 27 May 2004 -- NATO confirms AWACS to cover Olympics and Soccer championship / NATO chief encourages Croatia in efforts to join NATO / China proposes major changes to U.S.-British resolution on Iraq; proposal supported by Russia, France and Germany / Polish and U.S. presidents agree on need for transfer of power to Iraqi government / U.S. and Russia work with UN on global nuke threat / Bush administration adds two nations to list exempting U.S. troops from prosecution
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 27 May 2004 -- NATO chief says huge shake-up is needed / Minister promises less AWACS nuisance to Dutch population for this summer / EU says U.S.-led coalition troops endangering Afghan aid efforts / Bundeswehr examining accusations of torture in Kosovo

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