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BAE SYSTEMS Australia Submits Battlespace Communications Bid

29 Apr 2004

BAE Systems Australia has submitted its proposal for the Australian Defence Force (ADF)s Battlespace Communications Programme JP2072. BAE Systems is bidding as a vendor independent Prime Systems Integrator (PSI) that will be able to source the most appropriate value-for-money equipment and systems unencumbered by any existing agreements or arrangements.

The competitors for JP2072 are GD Canada partnered with ADI and Tenix; Raytheon partnered with Northrop Grumman, Ericsson and Kongsberg and IBM who are thought to be bidding alone.

BAE Systems has successfully delivered more than ninety percent of the existing ADF tactical mobile communications capability through Projects Raven, Wagtail and Parakeet. Through those programmes, we have developed and maintained a highly skilled engineering base in mobile military communications said Jim McDowell, Chief Executive, BAE Systems Australia.

The Australian Governments initiative in establishing an indigenous mobile military communications capability through investment in previous tactical communications programmes (Raven, Wagtail and Parakeet) was money well spent and our offer represents a substantial dividend on the investment.

Our approach will upgrade the existing capability and provide a migration path to a future Defence communications vision he said.

BAE Systems Australias PSI strategy takes advantage of the Commonwealths forward looking contracting model that will allow much higher Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) participation than was possible under previous arrangements. It proposes a situation where SMEs will have unprecedented visibility of and access to opportunities under the project. SMEs have not had to choose winners before the competition and have not had to expend bid funds to secure a position for the future. A web based JP2072 information and opportunity portal that will allow interested parties to engage in the programme with a minimum of bureaucracy has been proposed.

Through its 50 years service to the ADF, BAE Systems is well qualified to develop a communications system that suits the unique Australian operating environment.

BAE Systems is looking forward to partnering in this exciting foundation programme of the ADFs Network Centric Warfare Roadmap.


BAE Systems is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land, at sea and in space. The company designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, radar, avionics, communications, electronics and guided weapon systems. It is a pioneer in technology with a heritage stretching back hundreds of years. It is at the forefront of innovation, working to develop the next generation of intelligent defence systems.

BAE Systems has major operations across five continents and customers in some 130 countries. The company has more than 90,000 people and generates annual sales of approximately 12 billion through its wholly-owned and joint venture operations.

BAE SYSTEMS, innovating for a safer world.

About Customer Solutions & Support (CS&S):

CS&S employs around 15,000 people at over 40 locations and provides through-life support and services across the air, sea and land sectors. It carries out upgrades, maintenance, repair and overhaul of military systems, aircraft and naval vessels. CS&S supports military customers' capability in areas such as training; facilities management; spares and repairs; technical information services; manpower services; and supply chain and logistics management.

CS&S manages support and services programmes worldwide including a broad range of contracts in Australia and the key Saudi Arabian Al Yamamah programme. CS&S is also working closely with the UK Ministry Of Defence to reduce the cost of support, upgrade and training - without compromising front-line capability.

In Australia, the company employs approximately 2,600 people, supports customers at more than 50 locations across the country and has its centre of operations in Adelaide, South Australia. BAE Systems Australia combines key skills in engineering and systems integration and is a leading supplier of electronic warfare, communications, military air support, software and support services to the Australian Defence Force.

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