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02 April 2004 Military News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 02 Apr 2004 [PDF]
  • Marine Killed in Al Anbar Province [CJTF-7 News Release] April 2, 2004
  • Task Force 1st Armored Division Soldier Killed in IED Attack [CJTF-7 News Release] April 2, 2004
  • DoD Identifies Marine Casualty

  • V CORPS' TASK FORCE 1ST ARMORED DIVISION HUNTS INSURGENTS IN 'OPERATION IRON PROMISE' V Corps Release 02 Apr 2004-- In what has become almost a nightly ritual, Soldiers from A Troop, 1st Squadron, 5th Cavalry Regiment, lined up their vehicles on a quiet side street in the sleepy town of Abu Ghuraib just before initiating a cordon-and-search mission.
  • Combat engineer memorialized in Ar Ramadi Marine Corps News 02 Apr 2004-- The very device Lance Cpl. William J. Wiscowiche was looking for ended his life during a patrol March 30.

  • Marines look for stepping-stones to peace, security Marine Corps News 02 Apr 2004-- A team of service members from 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, here supporting Combined Joint Task Force - Haiti, conducted a visit to Cite Soleil March 26.
  • Marines provide water for life Marine Corps News 02 Apr 2004-- U.S. Marines and soldiers with Combined Joint Task Force -Haiti distributed water to a geriatric home here March 21. Nearly 2000 gallons of purified water transported from Marine Air Ground Task Force -8's compound was deposited into a well at the home for the elderly in the Bel-Air District of Port-Au-Prince, providing a much needed resource to the residents there.

  • PENTAGON / AL-QAIDA / AFRICA VOA 02 Apr 2004 -- A senior U-S military commander says the al-Qaida terrorist group has been profiting from the diamond trade in West Africa and is seeking other support in the region.
  • PENTAGON / LIBYA / AFRICA VOA 02 Apr 2004 -- A senior U-S military commander says Libya could become a partner in North Africa's efforts to combat terrorism, especially the activities of an al-Qaida linked organization called the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat.
  • PENTAGON/UGANDA VOA 02 Apr 2004 -- The senior American commander in charge of military operations in sub-Saharan Africa says the United States is interested in helping Uganda eliminate the threat posed by the rebel Lord's Resistance Army.
  • PENTAGON / AFRICA TERROR VOA 02 Apr 2004 -- The top American general overseeing military operations in sub-Saharan Africa says the hunt is continuing for fugitive members of the Salafist terrorist group in the Pan-Sahel region of north-central Africa.

  • Combined Joint Task Force - Haiti activated in Port-au-Prince Marine Corps News 02 Apr 2004-- During a brief ceremony here March 15, the Combined Joint Task Force - Haiti was officially activated and Marine Brig. Gen. Ronald S. Coleman assumed command of the Multi-national Interim Force.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • V CORPS WELCOMES 11TH AVIATION REGIMENT HOME FROM IRAQ V Corps Release 02 Apr 2004-- Standing proudly before their AH-64 Apache attack helicopters on the tarmac here, Soldiers of V Corps' 11th Aviation Regiment as Army and local leaders took to the podium April 1 to welcome the unit home from deployment and express their pride and gratitude to the regiment for a mission well done.
  • Detainee Transfer Completed 02 Apr 2004 -- The Department of Defense announced today it transferred for release 15 detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. These detainees came from several countries, including Afghanistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Sudan, Iraq, Jordan, and Yemen.
  • Navy Embraces Transformation Journey AFPS 02 Apr 2004 -- The Navy is "moving out smartly" on its transformation journey, the commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command said at the Annapolis Naval History Symposium April 1.
  • Navy Shows Off Next-Generation Vessel AFPS 02 Apr 2004 -- The huge vessel looks quite out of place among the small yachts and sailboats at a shallow pier. Neighborhood people on their morning jogs and dog walks looked amazingly at the HSV 2 Swift on its four-day port call here March 30.
  • DoD Progresses in Transforming Business Practices, Standards AFPS 02 Apr 2004 -- The Defense Department is making steady progress in establishing a common set of business standards and practices that eliminates duplication and promotes information sharing, Pentagon financial and information officials told members of Congress March 31.
  • HSV-2 proving to be Prototype for Littoral Combat Ship Program NAVSEA News Wire 02 Apr 2004-- The High Speed Vessel (HSV-2) Swift, the Navy's leased high-speed catamaran, was moored in Alexandria, Va., from March 31 to April 2 in order to showcase its versatile mission capability and platform potential for the future Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Program.
  • 1-4 ADA designated for inactivation USAREUR Release 05 Apr 2004-- The Department of the Army has approved an initiative to rebalance forces between its active and reserve components. As part of this plan, 1st Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery, located in Wackernheim, Germany, has been designated for inactivation by Sept. 30.
  • U.S. Destroys More of Its Chemical Agent Stockpile AFPS 02 Apr 2004 -- The United States continues to whittle down its stockpile of chemical weapons as part of fulfillment of an international treaty, U.S. officials told the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities April 1.

  • JAPAN/US NAVY VOA 02 Apr 2004 -- A suggestion by a U-S admiral that a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier might be based in Japan starting in 2008 is generating objections from some quarters in the country.

  • Declaration on Terrorism: Issued at the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Foreign Ministers Session held in Brussels on 2 April 2004 NATO 02 Apr 2004 -- "The atrocities perpetrated in Madrid last month have once again shown the acute threat posed by terrorism to innocent people around the world. We extend our deepest sympathy to the families of those killed in the attacks in Madrid, to those who were wounded, and to all the people of Spain. As our governments condemned the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001, and in Istanbul in 2003, we also condemn these and other murderous acts of terrorism, including those recently committed in Iraq and Uzbekistan."
  • NATO/ENLARGEMENT VOA 02 Apr 2004 -- NATO has officially welcomed seven new Central and Eastern European members to the alliance at a ceremony at its Brussels headquarters. V-O-A's Roger Wilkison reports NATO's biggest-ever expansion is designed to end Europe's east-west divide and guarantee stability and democracy in areas that were once under the sway of the Soviet Union.
  • NATO: Foreign Ministers Celebrate Expansion At Alliance Headquarters RFE/RL 02 Apr 2004 -- Under low gray skies and in intermittent rain, foreign ministers from old and new NATO states today listened to the anthems of the seven new members as their flags were raised to join the existing 19.

  • State Department Noon Briefing, April 2, 2004 Washington File 02 Apr 2004 -- Sudan, Chad, Visa Waiver Program/biometric passports requirements, US Visit Program, Deputy Secretary Armitage comments/Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remarks on Chairman Arafat, Kuwait/Pakistan/non-NATO ally designation, Israel/Palestinians, Iran, Russia

Defense Industry

  • ATK Scores First-ever MRM Direct Hit ATK 02 Apr 2004 -- ATK (Alliant Techsystems, NYSE: ATK) is the first company to score a direct hit for the Mid-Range Munition program. In a test firing yesterday at the Yuma Proving Grounds, ATK’s guided Kinetic Energy projectile (MRM-KE) autonomously searched for, guided to, and hit a tank more than three miles away. During the engagement, the tank target was not visible from the projectile firing position.
  • Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Resumes Air-to-Air Refueling Tests Boeing 02 Apr 2004 -- The V-22 Integrated Test Team resumed air-to-air refueling flights recently for the first time since the program's return to flight in May of 2002.
  • Northrop Grumman Selects Terma A/S of Denmark for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program Northrop Grumman 02 Apr 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) today announced that it has selected Terma A/S, of Denmark, to design and develop three-dimensional (3-D) audio algorithms and software for the communications system for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 02 Apr 2004 -- Powell sees new UN resolution on Iraq Expanded NATO holds first meeting, Middle East, Afghanistan on agenda / Government links persistent violence in Uzbekistan to al-Qaida
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 02 Apr 2004 -- Flags of new NATO members raised at NATO headquarters / NATO cancels fighter jet flights over Baltics on enlargement day / NATO vows hunt for Karadzic will go on amid Orthodox Church anger

  • Lockheed Martin-Built Gravity Probe B Spacecraft Readied For Launch Lockheed Martin 02 Apr 2004 -- NASA's Gravity Probe B (GP-B) space vehicle, built, integrated and tested by Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT), is undergoing final preparations for launch, scheduled for April 17, 2004, from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Stanford University is the GP-B prime contractor. NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. manages the program.
  • Northrop Grumman Successfully Delivers NASA's Aura Satellite To Vandenberg Air Force Base Northrop Grumman 02 Apr 2004 -- Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) successfully shipped NASA's Aura Earth Observing System (EOS) satellite to Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., yesterday. The 22.5-foot-tall, 3.25-ton satellite will serve as a space-based chemical laboratory, helping scientists to better understand the Earth's ozone, air quality and climate.

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