Terrorists serving nothing to Islam, harming Pakistan: Musharraf

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad, March 27, IRNA -- Pakistani President General Pervez 
Musharraf says that tribal operations are being carried out against 
terrorists who are harming Islam. 
"These terrorists are serving nothing to Islam but they want to 
harm Pakistan," he said while addressing the Golden Jubilee 
Celebrations of the Cadet College, Hassanabdal on Saturday. 
He said that al-Qaeda was the mastermind in all bomb blasts 
activities in Pakistan and it was also al-Qaeda which was behind the 
life attempt on him. 
General Musharraf narrowly escaped two attempts on his life by the
suicide bombers in December last year, when he was on his way to his 
Army residence in Rawalpindi. 
The operations will continue till complete elimination of 
terrorists from Pakistan`s soil, he added. 
He said that in Wtana, it is not fight "between Muslims" but is a 
war against terrorism. 
Pakistan`s president said that the terrorists and extremists 
engaged in subversive activities have their own vested interests and 
are misusing religion for their interests. 
He said the extremists and terrorists are trying to create divide 
among Muslims. 
"We all are Muslims and there is nobody to determine who is better
Muslim," President Musharraf said this without naming recent 
threatening audio tape of al-Qaeda No. 2, Aiman Al-Zawaheri in which 
the later called Pakistanis to expel General Musharraf from power. 
He urged Pakistanis especially younger generation to promote 
tolerance and brotherhood and remove conflicts from mind. 

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