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25 February 2004 Military News

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  • HAITI ON VERGE OF 'ANARCHY' IN DESPERATE NEED OF OUTSIDE HELP US Dept. of State IIP, Foreign Media Reaction 25 Feb 2004
  • HAITI / LAWLESSNESS VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- Widespread lawlessness and chaos is gripping Haiti's capital, where President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is facing increasing pressure to resign. VDie-hard backers of the embattled leader are terrorizing people they suspect of non-allegiance to Mr. Aristide, including a flood of foreigners desperate to leave the country.
  • BUSH / CONGRESS / HAITI VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- President Bush has met with African-American members of the U-S Congress to discuss the deteriorating situation in Haiti. Mr. Bush told them he shares their concerns for the Haitian people.
  • FRANCE / HAITI VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- France's foreign minister today (Wednesday) said Haiti's embattled president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was responsible for much of the turmoil in his country, and suggested he should resign.
  • U-N / HAITI VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- The U-N Security Council has agreed to hold an emergency session on Haiti on Thursday.
  • CONGRESS/HAITI VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- African-American members of Congress met with President Bush Wednesday to urge U-S action to support Haitian President Aristide. Calling the situation in Haiti a near "catastrophe", members of the Congressional Black Caucus say the United States is not doing enough to prevent more bloodshed.
  • HAITI OPPOSITION VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- Opposition leaders in Haiti say they are still committed to an international peace accord to end Haiti's political crisis. But they say they want the international community to try and convince Haiti's president to step down. About 70 people have died over the past month as violence has gripped Haiti.
  • Haiti: Security Council deplores opposition's rejection of peacemaking plans UN News Centre 25 Feb 2004 -- The United Nations Security Council today deplored the Haitian opposition's rejection of proposals from two regional organizations that could form the basis for a peaceful compromise with President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to stem the Caribbean country's violent political crisis.
  • BUSH/HAITI VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- President Bush says the United States will turn back any Haitian refugees who try to reach the United States. Mr. Bush is calling for an international security force for Haiti, once leaders there reach a political settlement.
  • US Still Aiming for Peace Plan in Haiti Despite Opposition Rejection VOA News 25 Feb 2004 -- The United States says it is not giving up on efforts to persuade Haitian opposition leaders to accept the international peace plan for the troubled country despite their stated rejection of the power-sharing arrangement Tuesday.
  • France ready to join peace force in Haiti PLA Daily 25 Feb 2004 -- France reaffirmed Tuesday its willingness to join a peace force in Haiti and said it will meet in Paris with representatives of the Haitian government and rebels.

  • Militias have killed civilians in northern DR of Congo, UN mission says UN News Centre 25 Feb 2004 -- Rival factions of the Mayi-Mayi militia have killed at least 30 civilians in several villages and forced others to flee their homes in Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the United Nations mission (MONUC) there said today.
  • D-R-C / GOVERNMENT VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- Congo's largest former rebel group says it will not withdraw from the country's fragile power-sharing government, following the release of one of its hard-line military officers, who was arrested last week. But from the southeastern Congo town of Lubumbashi, Dino Mahtani reports political tensions remain high in the wake of shootouts between government loyalists and hard-liners from the country's largest former-rebel group.

  • International Court of Justice begins deliberations in Israeli wall case UN News Centre 25 Feb 2004 -- The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is starting deliberations on an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of the construction of an Israeli wall in the occupied Palestinian Territory after public hearings in the case concluded today.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- Israeli forces raided four Palestinian bank branches Wednesday, seizing millions of dollars during a hunt for militant groups' money.
  • ISRAEL / BARRIER VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- Three days of hearings over the legality of the West Bank barrier concluded Wednesday at the World Court, with dozens of Muslim countries backing Palestinian arguments that the barrier is illegal and will block the creation of a viable two-state solution to the Mideast conflict.

  • CHAD-SUDAN: WFP starts humanitarian air service to eastern Chad IRIN 25 Feb 2004 -- The UN World Food Programme (WFP) said on Wednesday it had started a humanitarian air service to eastern Chad, where relief agencies are trying to assist more than 110,000 refugees from the troubled Darfur province of Western Sudan.
  • MILOSEVIC / WAR CRIMES VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- After two years in court, the prosecution's case against Slobodan Milosevic is officially closed. War crimes prosecutors decided to end their case against the former Yugoslav president early because of his bad health and the recent resignation of the trial's presiding judge, who also has health problems.
  • NIGERIA / KILLINGS VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- Nearly 50 people are reported dead in a small farming town in central Nigeria following ethnic clashes.
  • Those blocking Somalia peace 'will be held accountable' - UN Security Council UN News Centre 25 Feb 2004 -- Warning that it will keep close watch on those blocking efforts to resolve the conflict in Somalia, the United Nations Security Council today called on the country's warring parties to reach a peaceful settlement.
  • UGANDA / VIOLENCE VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- A peace march in the northern Ugandan town of Lira turned violent and government officials say police fired into the crowd, wounding several people. News reports say mobs attacked rival tribesmen and quote witnesses as saying as many as eight people may have been killed.
  • SOMALIA: Factions accuse talks organisers of mismanagement IRIN 25 Feb 2004 -- Some Somali factions participating in the Somali peace talks in Kenya have accused the conference organisers of mismanaging the proceedings and disregarding the conference rules during the latest plenary session, said a press statement issued on Tuesday.
  • SUDAN: Special report III: Chronology of events IRIN 25 Feb 2004
  • AFRICA: Japan looks towards peacekeeping role IRIN 25 Feb 2004 -- The Japanese government is looking to extend its involvement in conflict resolution in Africa beyond just providing money to include participation in UN peacekeeping operations, an embassy official said on Wednesday.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 25 Feb 2004 -- Slovenia's parliament ratifies NATO accession / NATO chief defends alliance attempts to round up indicted war criminals in Balkans / Bosnia may miss chance for Partnership for Peace program / Afghan president says election may be delayed / Moldova separatists warn of war if West steps in / Egypt's Mubarak visits Saudi Arabia for talks on Iraq and U.S. plan for reform in the Middle East
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 25 Feb 2004 -- Gen. Winterberger: Show flight of NATO AWACS in Latvia, Lithuania made in openness / NATO plans only limited expansion of ISAF due to budgetary constraints / EU force in Bosnia should be equivalent to SFOR: Solana / President Putin dismisses prime minister

  • STATE / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 25 Feb 2004 -- The U-S State Department Wednesday issued its annual report on human rights practices world-wide, saying there were rights developments in 2003 ranging from dramatically uplifting to disappointing. It cited "backsliding" in China's human rights record and said the U-S-led invasion of Iraq ended years of grave human rights violations by the Saddam Hussein government.

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