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03 February 2004 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

  • U.S. Military Targets Medical Projects in Africa Washington File 03 Feb 2004 -- While many people know that the U.S. military cooperates with African nations in fighting international terrorism, very few are aware of the broad support the military gives to health care projects on the continent -- from building clinics to supplying ambulances and even hospital beds -- Pentagon official Lorraine Dasch told the Washington File during a recent interview.
  • Rumsfeld on Creating a "Modular Army" for the 21st Century Washington File 03 Feb 2004 -- This column by Donald H. Rumsfeld, who is Secretary of Defense, was published in the Wall Street Journal February 4 and is in the public domain. No republication restrictions
  • New Stryker Defense Proven in Combat AFPS 03 Feb 2004 -- A change made to the Stryker infantry vehicle has proven itself in combat.
  • Services, Joint Commands Revamping Operational Tactics AFPS 03 Feb 2004 -- The military services are making sweeping changes in the way they operate, including what the Pentagon comptroller called "the most revolutionary change . in the way the Army has been structured since Napoleon made divisions the central maneuver unit of land forces."
  • Proposed Budget Provides Tools to Manage Demand on Forces AFPS 03 Feb 2004 -- With 2.2 million men and women on active duty and in the reserve component, there's no shortage of manpower to support the war on terror, Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim told reporters here during a Feb. 2 briefing.
  • Thousands Being Offered Thousands To Leave DoD Work Force AFPS 03 Feb 2004 -- Up to 25,000 Defense Department civilians may be eligible for thousands of dollars in separation pay through an early-buyout program.
  • PENTAGON/PACIFIC VOA 03 Feb 2004 -- The Pentagon has ordered a group of U-S Air Force bombers to Guam in what is termed a routine deployment to the Western Pacific.
  • FOCUS: Installations to serve as flagships Army News Service 03 Feb 2004-- "We have pledged to rid the Army of Camp Swampy -- substandard installations," said Geoffrey Prosch, the acting assistant secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment.
  • U.S.: Bush's 2005 Budget Concentrates On Security Spending Rather Than Domestic Programs RFE/RL 03 Feb 2004 -- The $2.4 trillion budget that U.S. President George W. Bush sent to Congress yesterday includes a 7 percent increase in defense spending. This does not include an anticipated $50 billion supplementary appropriation for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • White House Daily Briefing, February 3, 2004 Washington File 03 Feb 2004 -- Bush/Annan met in Oval Office, Iraq/Powell's remarks, Pakistan/weapons technology, Cyprus, president's military service, presidential commission on intelligence, ricin discovery on Capitol Hill, vice president/public appearances, energy bill, president's slippage in polls

  • State Department Briefing, February 3, 2004 Washington File 03 Feb 2004 -- North Korea, North Korea/Pakistan, United Nations, Israel/Palestinians, Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Syria, China/Taiwan, Department
  • Former chief weapons inspector questions US pre-emptive strike policy PLA Daily 03 Feb 2004 -- David Kay, the former chief weapons inspector, said Sunday that flawed intelligence about Iraq's prewar weapons program put into question the US preemptive strike policy against countries deemed a threat to the United States.

  • Russia hints shorter term for pullout of troops from Georgia PLA Daily 03 Feb 2004 -- A senior official from Russia's Defense Ministry said Monday that it is possible to withdraw Russian military bases from Georgia in nine years, shorter than the 11 years that Moscow has insisted.

  • Greece denies German report on arms purchase PLA Daily 03 Feb 2004 -- Greek government on Monday dismissed a report in the German magazine "Der Spiegel" concerningalleged irregularities in the deal for the purchase of 170 German-made "Leopard" 2HEL tanks by the Greek armed forces.

  • Russia, Spain to hold first joint maneuvers in 2004 PLA Daily 03 Feb 2004 -- Russia and Spain plan to hold their first joint military exercise this year, Spanish Defense Minister Federico Trillo said in an interview published by Russian newspaper Izvestia on Monday.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 03 Feb 2004 -- U.S. defence budget sees arms buying up through 2009 / Greece to deploy record troops for Athens Games / EU to outline defence research plans / Counterterrorism meeting to bolster wider cooperation across Asia
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 03 Feb 2004 -- Report: NATO speeds up expansion as countries push for protection / Netherlands, France to jointly develop advanced reconnaissance drones / Germany to build new housing for soldiers in Kunduz / Afghan president reshuffles regional officials in a drive to strengthen grip in provinces / Russia says could speed up Georgia bases removal / U.S. and EU set to agree on navigation networks

  • PRIVATE ARMIES VOA 03 Feb 2004 -- Industries worldwide today are rapidly moving towards privatization. We've heard of private airlines, private health insurance and private education. The idea is to save money and stay competitive in the global market. But a rather unlikely institution is now embracing this trend the military. Countries around the world, especially the United States, have hired private military contractors to serve as soldiers along with their regular armies in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. While governments advocate using contractors on grounds of economy and efficiency, critics say a reliance on hired help raises a series of questions for democracy, human rights and national security.
  • U-S-U-N Building VOA 03 Feb 2004 -- President Bush has asked Congress to loan the United Nations more than a billion dollars to pay for the top-to-bottom renovation of the U-N headquarters building in New York. The proposal, in the administration's new budget for 2005, is aimed at ending a long debate over how to deal with soaring repair bills at the landmark office building.

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