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Germany concerned over reprisal attacks by Afghan drug warlords

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Berlin, Jan 17, IRNA -- The German government fears possible reprisal 
attacks by Afghan drug warlords after British military forces have 
started to crack down against Afghan drug operations, the online site 
of the weekly Der Spiegel said Saturday. 
An internal document of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder`s office was 
cited as saying one could not rule out that the local Afghan 
population could associate British troop activities with those of 
German soldiers. 
According to the report, Berlin plans to beef up its troops to 
320, from the current 171 who are now deployed in Kunduz to safeguard 
development aid projects. 
Germany has ruled out any military role in fighting Afghan drug 
barons, stressing that its sole objective is to protect military 
personnel and development workers. 
Meanwhile Berlin has officially announced its readiness to host a 
third Afghanistan conference in Petersburg near Bonn, should the UN or
the Afghan government request such a meeting. 

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