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21 January 2004 Military News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 21 Jan 2004 [PDF]

  • Transcript: Coalition Provisional Authority Briefing with Rebuilding Iraq Armed Forces 21 Jan 2004 -- Today we have with us Major General Paul Eaton. He is the commander of the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team, the organization tasked with building the foundation of the armed forces of Iraq. He has graciously agreed to be here today to provide an update on the progress being made on rebuilding the armed forces in Iraq.
  • 'Four Corners' Expedites Redeployment Process AFPS 21 Jan 2004 -- One of the first tasks for soldiers crossing into Kuwait on their way home is to turn over all equipment that won't be going with them.
  • Jointness, Transformation Benefit From Lessons Learned in Battle AFPS 21 Jan 2004 -- Lessons learned from U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are greatly assisting Defense Department transformation efforts, the chief of U.S. Joint Forces Command said here today.
  • Military's Logistics System Found Wanting in Iraq War AFPS 21 Jan 2004 -- The military's logistics system needs to be further modernized to better serve today's war fighters, a senior Defense Department transformation official asserted here today.
  • WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT IN COALITION CUSTODY CENTCOM Release 21 Jan 2004-- Weapons and discarded Iraqi military equipment were turned in or discovered by soldiers of the 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade (Stryker), 2nd Infantry Division, attached to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), in northern Iraq yesterday.
  • CONFERENCE SEEKS WAYS TO IMPROVE IRAQ'S WATER SUPPLY CENTCOM Release 21 Jan 2004-- Task Force 1st Armored Division soldiers from the 490th Civil Affairs Battalion, an Army Reserve unit from Abilene, Texas with help from the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, hosted a conference Jan. 15, to discuss ways to raise water quality for the people of Iraq.
  • Chinook Crews Swap in Bahrain Navy Newsstand 21 Jan 2004-- Crew members on the first coastal patrol vessel to participate in the Chief of Naval Operations' sea swap initiative met face-to-face Jan. 8, to pass ownership of the ship to the new crew in Bahrain.

  • Aviators recognized for Egypt crash mission Army News Service 21 Jan 2004-- Six members of Aviation Company, 1st U.S. Army Support Battalion, were awarded Army Achievement Medals for their rescue efforts following the crash of Flash Airlines Flight FSH604 on the morning of Jan. 3.

  • U.S.: Bush Vigorously Defends Iraq, Afghan Wars In State Of The Union Speech RFE/RL 21 Jan 2004 -- This time there was no "axis of evil" accusation or confident assertions about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. Instead, U.S. President George W. Bush's State of the Union speech last night was a defiant defense of his controversial foreign policy record, just nine months before U.S. presidential elections.

  • EU/Afghanistan: Parliament Committee Debates Country's Lingering Difficulties RFE/RL 21 Jan 2004 -- The foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament today debated the situation in Afghanistan. While the country's new constitution, adopted earlier this month, won widespread praise, many speakers raised doubts about its implementation. The role of Islam, balance of power, and the equality of women were some of the central concerns -- all accentuated by a recognition that the security situation in Afghanistan must improve quickly.
  • Afghanistan: U.S. Rejects Claims Of Civilian Deaths, Rules Out 'Poor Intelligence' RFE/RL 21 Jan 2004 -- U.S. military officials in Afghanistan are denying claims by local Afghan officials that a recent airstrike killed 11 civilians in the southern province of Oruzgan. And they are rejecting accusations that poor intelligence and indiscriminate shooting may have led U.S. forces to kill women and children.
  • NATO Forces Capture Alleged Terrorists In Afghanistan RFE/RL 21 Jan 2004 -- The commander of the NATO-led International security force today says that several top agents of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar -- an Afghan warlord that the U.S. considers a terrorist -- have been arrested in Kabul.

Defense Policy / Programs

  • Officials Explain Military Commissions That Will Try Detainees AFPS 21 Jan 2004 -- Human rights organizations will closely monitor every step they take. Judicial activists will analyze everything that takes place in the courtroom
  • U.S.: Can Bush Claim Credit For Libyan, Iranian Arms Inspections? RFE/RL 21 Jan 2004 -- Two years ago, in his annual State of the Union address, U.S. President George W. Bush called Iraq, Iran, and North Korea an "axis of evil" that threatened their regions, and the world, with unconventional weapons. Since then, the United States has led a war to depose Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and Libya and Iran have taken concrete steps to cooperate with the international community over nuclear weapons and energy programs. Last night, in this year's State of the Union speech, Bush said his stern policy, realized militarily in Iraq, has had beneficial results beyond the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
  • STATE OF THE UNION / FOREIGN POLICY VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- A senior Bush administration official says the president's State of the Union address sends a strong message to countries that are still seeking weapons of mass destruction, but also offers them an opportunity to change and develop better relations with the United States. The official briefed international reporters following the president's speech
  • Improvements to Training Streamline Navy Boot Camp Navy Newsstand 21 Jan 2004-- Improvements made to the Navy's basic military training curriculum for enlisted Sailors will allow the training to be delivered in 60-days vice the current 63-day cycle.
  • USS Philadelphia Logs 1,000th Dive Navy Newsstand 21 Jan 2004-- USS Philadelphia (SSN 690) became the first Los Angeles-class submarine to complete 1,000 dives, Dec. 4 at 5:39 p.m.
  • 7th Comm. sustains capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment Marine Corps News 21 Jan 2004-- Over our heads in the invisible wind resides the voices of millions. It is not the voice of angels, prophets or our own conscience, but rather the frequencies of various communication tools such as the Lightweight Multiband Satellite Terminal.
  • CSSD-37 conducts combat skills training to prepare for Balikatan Marine Corps News 21 Jan 2004-- Nearly 120 Marines and Sailors currently attached to Combat Service Support Detachment-37 participated in Combat Skills Training Jan. 10-16 to prepare for Exercise Balikatan 04.
  • Small base has big mission AFPN 21 Jan 2004-- At first glance, the little-known airfield in Karshi-Khanabad, often called K-2, appears to be nothing more than a sleepy, little whistle-stop for aircraft supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

  • Japan to again deploy Aegis warship to Arabian Sea PLA Daily 21 Jan 2004 -- Japan's Aegis destroyer Myoukou will depart on Friday from Maizuru base in Kyoto Prefecture to replace the destroyer Hiei as part of the government's antiterrorism campaign in the Arabian Sea, the Defense Agency's Maritime Staff Office said Tuesday.

  • State Department Daily Briefing, January 21 Washington File 21 Jan 2004 -- Iraq, Venezuela, Libya, Israel/Palestinians, Malaysia, Middle East, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe
  • Democratic Response to State of the Union Address Washington File 21 Jan 2004 -- Democratic leaders, in their response to President Bush's January 20 State of the Union address, called for greater international cooperation, charging that President Bush's "go-it-alone" foreign policy has left the United States isolated abroad and without resources to meet domestic priorities such as education and health care.
  • White House Daily Briefing, January 21, 2004 Washington File 21 Jan 2004 -- President's schedule, State of the Union speech, Jobs for the 21st Century Initiative, education, economy, Pakistan, WMD/Iraq, war on terrorism

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • U-S / MIDEAST MISSION VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- The Bush administration is sending two senior diplomats to the Middle East in the next few days to press Israel and the Palestinians to fulfill their commitments under the international peace "road map." The State Department says the U-S commitment to a Middle East settlement is undiminished though President Bush did not mention it in his State of the Union message.
  • UNMIL starts public information campaign on demobilization UN News Centre 21 Jan 2004 -- The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has launched a nationwide campaign to inform Liberians about the country's disarmament and rehabilitation programme.
  • UN Israel-Syria force adjusting to changing conditions, outgoing commander says UN News Centre 21 Jan 2004 -- The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in the Golan Heights is working to modernize its operations in order to keep pace with changing conditions on the ground, the mission's outgoing commander said today.
  • Southern Lebanon more fragile after six months of tension: Annan UN News Centre 21 Jan 2004 -- The fragile stability of southern Lebanon is under threat after an upsurge in violent incidents in the past six months, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in a document on the UN force monitoring the situation.
  • ISRAEL / SHARON VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- Officials in Israel's Justice ministry are considering whether to bring charges against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his deputy for receiving bribes from a property developer. The officials say the process could take months, and in the meantime, associates of Mr. Sharon say he will not step down.
  • ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian woman and wounded five others, during exchanges of gunfire with Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

  • PENTAGON / LIBERIA VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- Human Rights Watch says more peacekeepers are needed in Liberia to stem ongoing violence and to ensure disarmament efforts are successful. But defense officials say the United States has no plans to commit any fresh troops to the West African country.
  • U-N / LIBERIA VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- A senior U-N official says the United Nations will seek between 600 and 700 million dollars for reconstruction projects in Liberia at a donors conference to be held next month in New York.A detailed recovery plan will be presented to international donors at that time.
  • LIBERIA: Human rights group critical of "slow" peacekeeper deployment IRIN 21 Jan 2004 -- Former combatants continue to terrorise civilians in the Liberian countryside where UN peacekeeping forces have not yet deployed, according to a report issued today by the international human rights organization, Human Rights Watch (HRW).
  • LIBERIA: More Liberians returning to their homes IRIN 21 Jan 2004 -- The acting humanitarian coordinator of the United Nations in Liberia has called for a quick response to address the humanitarian needs of thousands of war-weary Liberians who were returning from the bush in search of relief assistance.
  • LIBERIA: Bryant to intervene in rebel rift IRIN 21 Jan 2004 -- The head of the transitional government, Gyude Bryant, is to intervene in a feud between Sekou Conneh, the leader of Liberia's main rebel group, Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) and his estranged wife Aisha Conneh.
  • Western Sahara: Annan calls for more time to allow Morocco to consider deal UN News Centre 21 Jan 2004 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the UN mission in Western Sahara should be extended for another three months, through the end of April, to give Morocco more time to respond to a peace plan for the disputed area.
  • U-S-Ethiopia-Eritrea VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- The United States expressed concern Wednesday about a possible renewal of hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The State Department warned that such a development would have "dire consequences" for the Horn-of-Africa nations in terms of their relations with Washington.
  • KOSOVO FUTURE VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- The future of Kosovo, the Albanian populated, disputed southern province of Serbia, was discussed this week at Washington's Woodrow Wilson Center.
  • Sierra Leone: indicted war criminal sanctioned over possible effort to cause unrest UN News Centre 21 Jan 2004 -- A former senior Sierra Leonean official indicted for war crimes has had all his communications except those with his lawyers restricted for 14 days after an intercept linked him to attempts to cause civil unrest, the United Nations-backed special court in the West African country said today.
  • BURMA KAREN TALKS VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- A delegation from Burma's largest rebel group, the Karen National Union, is wrapping up a week of unprecedented talks with government officials in Rangoon.
  • DRC / RWANDAN HUTUS VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- The U-N mission in Congo has confirmed that thousands of Rwandan Hutu rebels belonging to the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) are being blocked by Hutu hard-liners from returning home to Rwanda.
  • LANKA / PEACE VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels have warned that a newly-formed political alliance, including the country's president, could lead the country back into war. The alliance says it plans to review Norway's role as peace mediator between the government and the rebels.
  • INDIA/KASHMIR TALKS VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- The Indian government and Kashmiri separatist leaders will meet in the Indian capital on Thursday. Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, this will be the first direct, high-level meeting between the two sides since a Muslim separatist insurgency erupted in Kashmir 14-years ago.
  • UN Official 'Concerned' By Moscow's Plans For Chechens RFE/RL 21 Jan 2004 -- The UN has issued a statement in Geneva expressing concern about Russia's planned closure of camps in Ingushetia housing thousands of refugees from the Chechen war.
  • RWANDA: Dallaire details military action ahead of genocide IRIN 21 Jan 2004 -- The former Rwandan army provided weapons and training to militiamen in the months leading up to the 1994 genocide, Gen. Romeo Dallaire, the former commander of UN troops in the country, told the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) on Tuesday.
  • SOMALIA: Annan expresses concern over mounting tension in the north IRIN 21 Jan 2004 -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has expressed deep concern over rising tension in northern Somalia between the self-declared republic of Somaliland and the self-declared autonomous region of Puntland over the disputed region of Sool.

News Reports

  • SHAPE News Morning Update SHAPE 21 Jan 2004 -- NATO quickens drive to expand Afghanistan operation / Thousands of Iraqis march to demand elections / UK Iraq "war crimes" dossier to be sent to the Hague / UN, U.S. and British experts begin disarming Libya
  • SHAPE News Summary & Analysis SHAPE 21 Jan 2004 -- Gen. Jones' interview with Le Figaro noted by Belgian dailies / Lt. Gen. Gliemeroth calls for more support / Report: Canada loses spy plane in Afghanistan crash / Turkey backs Greek military spending call

  • MALAYSIA/ANWAR VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- A Malaysian appellate court has rejected a bail application by former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, who has completed a sentence for abuse of power and is appealing a conviction of sodomy. Mr. Anwar lashed out at the judges for their decision, while his lawyers say they will appeal the decision to a higher court.
  • INDIA/TIBET VOA 21 Jan 2004 -- Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has expressed his support for the idea of India helping facilitate talks between Tibetan and Chinese leaders.
  • MAURITANIA: Former mayor released IRIN 21 Jan 2004 -- The Mauritanian authorities on Tuesday granted conditional release to opposition activist Jemil Ould Mansour who was arrested some two weeks ago for breaking out of a Mauritanian jail last year.
  • ATK Signs Agreement With Lockheed Martin to Supply Composite Components for A2100 Communications Satellites ATK 21 Jan 2004 -- ATK (Alliant Techsystems, NYSE: ATK) has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems, Newtown, Pa., to supply composite satellite components for the company’s A2100 communications satellite series. The five-year agreement has the potential to grow beyond $80 million of new business.

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