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Berlin yet to receive firm`s request to sell arms to UAE, S Arabia


Berlin, Oct 8, IRNA -- The German government said Wednesday it has 
not received any formal petition for an arms export permit after the 
press reported on final talks between German defense firm Rheinmetall 
and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to sell anti-ABC 
weapons reconaissance tanks and anti-aircraft systems. 
"As you know the negotiations are still going on and we have not 
received a formal request for an export permit," German deputy 
government spokesman Hans-Hermann Langguth said during a news 
He added that the German national security council would have to 
make final decision whether it is going to issue a permit for the 
controversial arms exports. 
The German government is in general prohibited from selling arms to
regions in conflict or where there is a high degree of political 
German military industrial circles were quoted as saying earlier 
that the potential deal is worth a "three-digit million" amount. 
An unnamed Rheinmetall spokesman pointed to "advanced negotiations"
while refusing to give details on the imminent arms deal. 
The popular Fuchs reconaissance tank is equipped to detect 
chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. 
Furthermore the German firm is also negotiating a deal with the 
Arab side whereby German anti-aircraft systems would be delivered to 
both Persian Gulf countries over the next three to five years, the 
economic website Boerse Online said. 

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