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RWANDA: Kagame party tops list of new MPs

NAIROBI, 8 October 2003 (IRIN) - President Paul Kagame's political party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), tops the list of the new Members of Parliament read out on Tuesday by National Electoral Commission President Chrysologue Karanga, the Rwanda News Agency (RNA) reported.

Karangwa was quoted as saying that the MPs, elected through direct universal suffrage in polls that began on 29 September, were led by the RPF with 33 seats, followed by the Parti social democrate, seven seats; Parti liberal, six seats; Parti democrate centriste, three seats, Parti democrate ideal, two seats; Parti socialiste rwandais, one seat; and the Union democratique du peuple rwandais with one seat.

The RNA reported that Karangwa also named two youth representatives and one for the disabled. A total of 24 women MPs were elected by women representatives from the country's 12 provinces were also named.

Under Rwandan law, the MPs' chamber comprises 80 members including 53 originating from political parties and independent candidates elected through direct universal suffrage, 24 women representatives, two youth representatives and one representing the disabled.

However, the RNA reported that Rwanda's Supreme Court was yet to make a final ruling on the legislative results.

Karangwa also announced the names of 14 senators; 12 from the provinces and two representing public and private universities and other higher institutions of learning each, the RNA reported.

Rwandan laws stipulate that the Senate be composed of 26 members in addition to former heads of state who request membership; 12 each from one province elected by the executive committees of sectors and districts, eight nominated by the president of the republic, four from the forum of political parties, two each elected from public and private universities and other institutions of higher learning. The senators' will be in office for a non-renewable eight-year period.

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